Yatoka overview

Yatoka Yatoga (pinyin: yǎ tuō gá) is a Mongolian plucked stringed musical instrument, also known as zheng, and the Han people call it Mongolian zheng.

There are differences in the use of Yatoka by all classes of the Mongolian people. The army mostly uses the 14-string Yatoka for military activities such as expeditions, battles and triumphs; the palace and the palace often use the thirteen-string Yatoka to welcome guests. In ceremonial activities such as banquets, banquets, and delivery; Lama monasteries and folk use the twelve-string Yatoka for religious and festive activities such as sacrifice, chanting, and folk grand gatherings (Naadam).

One of the main musical instruments of the Mongolian national band, it is good at playing Mongolian long tune, which is full of strong national style.
  • Chinese name:Yatoka
  • trace back:Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period
  • classic repertoire:Asle et al.
  • number of strings:12-16

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