Liuqin Grade Examination and Performance Grade Repertoire

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Liuqin, a stringed instrument. Also known as willow-leaf qin, diamond legs, earth pipa. Originally popular in Jiangsu, Shandong, Anhui and other provinces. Now popular all over the country. China Music Score Network has compiled a list of related repertoires for the examination, hoping to be helpful to you.

Liuqin Grade Examination and Performance Grade Repertoire

Level 1
Golden Snake Dance, Mimi's Adventures Theme Song, Hand in Hand, Song of Saliha, Galte Dance, I Love Beijing Tiananmen Square;

The north wind blows, colorful clouds chasing the moon, olive trees, grass, Tibetan folk songs, jasmine flowers, new shoes, old shoes, Nanniwan, and the red star follow me to fight;

Level 3
Backgammon, Dry Sky Thunder, Reindeer, Spring Green Jiangnan, Toast Song, Tibetan Folk Songs, Senji Dema, Lost Western tune;

Level 4
Chinese New Year Music, Fishing Town New Songs, Silver Lake Jinbo, Liuqin Opera Brand Songs, Bofu Harbor, Guerrilla Songs, Tianshan Horses, On the Field of Hope;

Level 5
Harvest Fisherman's Song, Happiness Canal, Jinbo of the South China Sea, I Am a Soldier, Guan Shanyue, Turkey March, Sanliu, Skylark;

Level 6
Spring arrives at the Yi River, horse racing, on the Jinshan Mountain in Beijing, the 15th moon, Gypsy Rondo, deep night, playing my beloved local pipa, love in the mountains, courtyard after the rain;

Level 7
Go to the enemy's rear, sing a folk song to the party, fisherman's song, winter hunting, under the grape trellis, expressing feelings on the grassland, the jubilant Tianshan;

eighth grade
Spring Love, Missing Love, Bizka Celebration (Tujia Dance Music), Kapok Blooming (Hero Flower), We Are Always Together, Chaldas Dance, Southern Xinjiang Dance;

Level 9
The sound of the piano in the fields, fighting tigers up the mountain, leisurely hometown, the song of the homeless, the flying of wild peaks, the festival of Lhasa;

grade ten
Tajik dance music, swordsmanship, love of homeland (Capriccio in northern Shaanxi), golden hearth, and the sun shines on Tashkurgan.

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Liuqin (pinyin: Liǔ Qín) is a plucked stringed instrument originated in the Qing Dynasty. The earliest Liuqin has a very simple structure and a very folk-like appearance. Now popular all over the country. It is one of the pear-shaped speakers and stringed instruments that have been circulating among the people since the Tang Dynasty. Its shape, structure and playing method are similar to those of the pipa.

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