The difference between flute and bamboo flute

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Many friends like flute and other wind instruments very much, so in flute, what is the difference between flute and bamboo flute?

The difference between flute and bamboo flute

1. A flute can play most of the range of music. Bamboo flute should be changed constantly

2. As for the timbre, it depends on your personal preference. It is impossible to tell who is higher and who is lower, but one thing is certain. All songs are suitable for flute playing, but not necessarily for bamboo flute. The characteristics of bamboo flute are a bit too obvious. .

3. From the technical point of view, the bamboo flute has more techniques than the flute, and it is more fancy. The basic technique of the flute is less than that of the flute, but the requirements for breath control are very high.

4. In terms of coordination: flute mainly cooperates with piano and violin, while bamboo flute mainly cooperates with erhu, guqin and guzheng

5. In terms of material: bamboo flute is made of bamboo, which is not easy to maintain. The flute is made of metal, and some are sterling silver or pure gold. A good flute can make you use it for a lifetime.

6. In terms of price: the price of a primary flute is around 3,000, the price of a set of primary bamboo flute is around 1,000, and the price of a top-level flute is around 500,000, and the bamboo flute is tens of thousands.

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Dizi (pinyin: dí zi), also known as the horizontal flute, is generally used as an important musical instrument to accompany opera.

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