Karon performance of Panjigaat Kamm Mustazat Intermezzo

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The karon performance of Panjigaat Kammu Mustezat Intermezzo is from the album Music Canon: Karon -- Abrajan Abdukli.

Music Canon: Karon -- Ablajiang Abdu Kelimu is included in the Instrument series of Music Canon, the world's first complete collection of Chinese Music, including 5 works by Ablajiang Abdu Kelimu, a Caron player of Xinjiang Art Theater Orchestra.

04 Panjigaat Kamm Mustazat Intermezzo

The Twelve Muqams is a treasure of the splendid cultural treasure house of the Chinese nation, a crystallization of the wisdom of the industrious and creative Uygur people, and an encyclopedia of culture and art describing all aspects of the life of the Uygur people in the language of music. She skillfully uses various artistic forms such as music, literature, dance and drama to express the splendid life, noble sentiments, lofty ideals and pursuits of the Uyghur people, as well as the joys, sorrows and joys of the Uyghur people in the historical environment at that time. The expression of music not only has lyricism and narrative, but also has the characteristics of harmony and unity between music and poetry. The twelve Muqam, a huge musical work, is extremely rare in the art history of ethnic groups in the world, known as "a miracle of Oriental music culture".

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Abrajan Abdukelimu, male, Uygur nationality, born on October 20, 1984.
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Kalongqin (pinyin: kǎnóng qín) is an ancient stringed musical instrument with the most strings in Uyghur musical instruments. It is called the seventy-two-stringed pipa and "Kaernai" in the historical records of the Qing Dynasty.

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If you want to understand the culture of a region, the most direct way is to appreciate the music and dance with local characteristics. There are many ethnic musical instruments in Xinjiang. The following introduces the common plucked instruments in Xinjiang.
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Aksu intangible cultural heritage introduction, red canyons, green forests, yellow deserts, blue lakes, golden Populus euphratica, white snow-capped mountains, a variety of colors are intertwined in this magical land.
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The Kalong speaker is in the shape of a flat trapezoid, like a half-dulcimer, the frame is made of mulberry and walnut, and the top and bottom are made of pine.
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Kalong, Uyghur people play stringed instruments. It is a Uyghur plucked stringed musical instrument. In the historical records of the Qing Dynasty, it was called the seventy-two-stringed pipa and the Karnai. It has a long history, unique shape and crisp sound. It can be used for solo, ensemble or accompaniment, and is an indispensable stringed instrument for playing the large classical music suite "Muqam". It is popular in Maigaiti, Kashgar, Hotan, Yarkand and other places in southern Xinjiang, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and Hami in eastern Xinjiang. A stringed instrument introduced from Central Asia to China in the Yuan Dynasty.
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