[Quyi Sanxian] "Plum Blossom Tune" Li Mingyang plays the book drum Wang Han
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Plum blossom tune, commonly known as "drum touching the string", is a folk rap art spread in Zhaoxian area. The lyrics are easy to understand, the vocal range is wide, and it can rap both short paragraphs and big books. It is a relatively popular form of folk art.

Involving musical instruments

The sanxian has three strings in total, hence the name "Sanxian". Chinese traditional plucked instruments were also introduced to Ryukyu, Japan and other places. He plays the main instrument in operas such as Kunqu Opera, Huaihai Opera, Daxianzi Opera, etc.
The book drum (pinyin: shū gǔ) is one of the traditional Han Chinese musical instruments. Popular all over the country, it is specially used for the accompaniment of various drum books such as the rap music "Dagushu" in northern China. When playing, the book drum is placed on a drum stand, and the drum stand is made of six thin bamboos tied with ropes. The drum surface is slightly lower than the elbow, or the book drum is supported on a small wooden frame. The rapper holds a book board or pear flower slice in his left hand, and a single arrow in his right hand strikes the drum surface.

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The Northeast Drum is a form of quyi drum book and drum music that is widely popular in the three northeastern provinces of my country. Qitaihe Northeast Big Drum is gradually formed on the basis of inheriting the sent drum, combined with local folk songs and minor tunes and backing tunes.
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Tuanfeng County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision has innovated the methods and methods of discipline and law education, insisted on keeping upright and innovating, singing old songs and singing new songs, and cultivated a clean culture by promoting traditional and excellent culture.
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The drum frame is made of wood, in the shape of an oblate shape, covered with cowhide or sheepskin on both sides, and the edges of the leather surface are fixed with drum nails. Sizes vary, the larger drum face diameter is 30 cm and the drum frame height is 8 cm; the small drum head diameter is 22 cm and the drum frame height is 6 cm. Guchu, also known as Gujianzi, is made of bamboo and is 24 cm long.
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