Tang Junqiao

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Introduction to Tang Junqiao(dizi)Master performer

Tang Junqiao, female, native of Anshan, Liaoning Province, is a famous bamboo flute player, educator, and one of the leaders of contemporary Chinese folk music.

The Washington Post once described Tang Junqiao's performance as "an unparalleled genius performer, the bamboo flute has created almost perfect and infinite possibilities in her hands...". Industry insiders said.

As a solo guest, she has been invited to participate in dozens of international music and art festivals and hundreds of concertos and special concerts around the world. She has not only played traditional Chinese music for more than 30 heads of state, but is also the most authoritative Chinese modern bamboo flute work. interpreter.

In 2013, with the support of Shangyin's leadership, Tang Junqiao formed the "Shanghai Conservatory of Music Bamboo Flute Orchestra" for this Chinese bamboo flute dream team. In 2018, the orchestra was awarded the "Top Ten Chinese National Orchestras" by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

She has recorded and published dozens of teaching materials and performance albums. The "Magic Flute of China - Tang Junqiao" released by the Dutch record company in 48 countries is also the world's first SACD flute performance album. His achievements have been included in the Dictionary of Chinese Musicians, Dictionary of Chinese National Musicians, and Who's Who in the World compiled by the Cambridge Biographical Center. Currently, she is also a signed soloist with China Philharmonic Orchestra, Beijing Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra and Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra.

In 2018, the national art fund project of Shanghai Conservatory of Music as the producer and starred by the Shanghai Conservatory of Music National Art Fund project cross-border integration of innovative national instrumental musical "Di Yun Tian Lai" premiered at the Shanghai Spring International Music Festival, this widely acclaimed and praised original national The instrumental drama is not only China's first instrumental drama for a single national musical instrument (bamboo flute), but it also uses "music dialogue" and a brand-new stage drama art performance to create an innovative performance form in the field of musical instrumental music performance art. a precedent.

In 2019, Tang Junqiao was invited to serve as a music-seeker mentor in the second season of Guangdong Satellite TV's popular "National Music Ceremony".

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Dizi (pinyin: dí zi), also known as the horizontal flute, is generally used as an important musical instrument to accompany opera.

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