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The Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology released new archaeological findings on the 10th. Local archaeologists discovered 9 tombs from the Spring and Autumn Period to the Qing Dynasty in Hongdong County, Shanxi Province. According to the analysis of the unearthed artifacts, the owner of one of the Spring and Autumn tombs may be the Qing doctor at that time.  The Nanqin cemeter...
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Like chimes, chimes are percussion instruments in ancient China. They are often matched with chimes to play the "sound of gold and stone". The chimes are sonorous, clear, bright and penetrating. Zeng Houyi's chime, a national first-class cultural relic, is as famous as Zeng Houyi's chime. The chimney frame is made of bronze, with the inscription "Zenghou Yi's holding and end" (many cultural rel...
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A chime is a stone percussion instrument that may have evolved from some kind of flaky stone labor tool. The chime was called "stone" and "singing ball" in ancient times. A stone chime was found at the Dongxia Fengxia cultural site in Xia County, Shanxi Province. , The overall hit is very rough, and some edges and corners are sharp, and it can still make a crisp sound when struck. There are many ...
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