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On June 18th, the 2022 Xianfeng County Cultural and Natural Heritage Day and the Cultural and Ecological Protection Experimental Zone Construction Achievement Promotion and Exhibition was held at the Tangya Tusicheng Site Scenic Spot. 11 townships (districts) in the county and the county's Southern Opera Art Inheritance and Protection Center Bringing splendid intangible cultural heritage perfor...
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I'm used to reading fashion magazines and trendy brands, but today I'll show you something different. This is the twenty-one band from the Qing Dynasty that swept the world. You must not have thought that this Qing Dynasty band had debuted in the C position and led the fashion. Just the folk music playing and painting have been sold at home and abroad. Painted Traditional Chinese Musical ...
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Bai folk instrumental music mainly includes sanxian music, suona wind and percussion music, cave scripture music, etc. In addition, there are also ancient music and tunes played by bamboo flute, mouth reed, wood leaf, etc. Among them, the most unique musical instrument structure and playing style are suona and suona. Three strings. The Bai suona is different from the Han suo...
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In March, another national event will bloom in Zhengzhou. The 2022 China Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Annual Conference will be held in Zhengzhou from March 21 to 24. There are 6 national intangible cultural heritages in Zhengzhou, do you know which ones are there? The lingering sound lingers around the beam for three days.” - Music is a common hobby of human beings and brings people ...
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Cymbals and cymbals are not the same musical instrument, and their origins, shapes, and performances are very different. Origin of cymbals and cymbals Cymbals: Cymbals originated in West Asia, first in Egypt and Syria, and later in ancient countries such as Persia and Rome; in the East, they were first seen in India, and then in Central Asia. According to the "Book of Northern Emperor. Shen...
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