Bamboo flute introduced into the deep mountains

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The mountains are towering, the water is gurgling, and the melodious flute sounds come from the depths of the mountains.

Bamboo flute introduced into the deep mountains

The piper is Xiao Huiwen, a post-90s music teacher at Shuicha Township Central Primary School in Taihe County. Beside him, surrounded by a group of smiling children, they either listened attentively or eagerly tried, the crisp flute and hearty laughter echoed in the valley for a long time.

This is a special music class. At noon on March 8, Xiao Huiwen took the classmates and Wu Chengxiang, a representative of the National People's Congress who was participating in the National People's Congress, for a video connection. When he heard Wu Chengxiang's suggestion to "make up for the shortcomings of rural art education and help rural revitalization", many media Teacher Xiao and the children were very happy when the relevant departments paid attention to it.

Bamboo flute introduced into the deep mountains

Xiao Huiwen returned to his hometown to become a rural teacher. How to make rural children, especially left-behind children grow up more healthy and sunny, Xiao Huiwen thought of music.

With the support of the school, Xiao Huiwen became a full-time music teacher. In addition to basic music knowledge, he also taught students to play the bamboo flute. When the weather is fine, Xiao Huiwen moves the classroom outdoors to integrate the flute with the sounds of nature and feel the comfort brought by music. Today, more than 200 students in the school can play simple music. Huang Tao, a fourth-grade student, said: "Since learning to play the bamboo flute, I have become more confident and happier."

With the "wings of art", I believe that the future of rural children will be even better!

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Dizi (pinyin: dí zi), also known as the horizontal flute, is generally used as an important musical instrument to accompany opera.

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