Conquering the world with the sound of the flute, China's first female bamboo flute doctor, Meng Xiaojie, performed the Divine Comedy

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She is the first female doctor of bamboo flute in China. She has brought many classic works to everyone with the flute. She conquered the world with the sound of the flute. Telling the story of the craftsman, tasting the unique ingenuity, and spreading the Chinese civilization, today I will take you into the story of Meng Xiaojie and the bamboo flute, and taste her melodious flute sound.

Conquering the world with the sound of the flute, China's first female bamboo flute doctor, Meng Xiaojie, performed the Divine Comedy

Meng Xiaojie has been learning to play flute since she was 7 years old, and she has been learning it for more than 20 years. Because of her excellent grades, she was admitted to the China Conservatory of Music, where she continued her master's and doctoral studies. Meng Xiaojie, who has studied folk music since childhood, is low-key and graceful, and her innate elegance and superb bamboo flute playing skills made her appear in the circle on CCTV's "Fenghua Chinese Music" program in 2018. Meng Xiaojie is well known to the public for her cheerful and festive song "Le Chun". In 2019, she played the song "Heartbeat" in the "Fenghua Chinese Music" program and became a regular guest of the program.

As one of the most difficult musical instruments in the world, the bamboo flute has a history of 9,000 years in China. In order to carry forward the national musical instruments, Meng Xiaojie combined the flute with the two-dimensional and popular songs, so that young people can understand that traditional musical instruments can also be very fashionable. Not only that, she also participated in many large-scale concerts at home and abroad, proving to the world that the bamboo flute can also be used as a mainstream musical instrument.

In the Forbidden City, a song "Power Over the World" blew out a majestic momentum, with more than 20 million views on the entire network. Meng Xiaojie's high-pitched flute sound makes people feel like she is in the real world. She can feel her superhuman lung capacity from the first sentence of her mouth. It is hard to imagine that such complex and beautiful music can be completed with only a bamboo flute.

Wearing Hanfu to play "Everything is Born" in the bamboo forest, Meng Xiaojie interprets the song completely by changing the pitch of the flute. You know, this song is difficult for ordinary singers to sing, let alone play it with a bamboo flute.

Meng Xiaojie played "Horse Racing", as if the scene of galloping horses was in front of her eyes. "The Sound of Snow Falling", "Mojito" and "Undyed" and other popular music, Meng Xiaojie's bamboo flute performance also has a different flavor.

In the face of foreign netizens' doubts about her, Meng Xiaojie went back with a song "Snow Moon Flower". In "Snow Moon Flower", she showed almost all the bamboo flute playing skills, the ultra-fast breathing rate and the flexible coordination of fingers and tongue, which made people jaw-dropping. This teacher of Bamboo Flute in the Folk Music Department of Harbin Conservatory of Music dedicated her profession and love to Bamboo Flute.

Netizens said that Meng Xiaojie's performance showed the highest level of bamboo flute playing. What do you think?

Involving the artist

Meng Xiaojie Jae is a master of promoting traditional folk music in the music area of station B. His videos are mainly based on the rendition of the flute. His representative compositions include works such as "Power to Control the World" and "Thinking Through Time and Space".
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Involving musical instruments

Dizi (pinyin: dí zi), also known as the horizontal flute, is generally used as an important musical instrument to accompany opera.

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