Flute King Lu Chunling has been proficient in flute for 97 years

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It's not easy to be a pure person and take pure to the extreme.

Some people live their whole lives and are entangled by all kinds of distracting thoughts and desires all the time. And some people are very pure all their lives, like an unpolished diamond. It looks untouched, but it shines brightly.

Caravaggio was accompanied by a paintbrush, Zhang Ailing was accompanied by a pen, and Lu Chunling was accompanied by a flute.

It is too difficult to love only one person or only one object in life, but Lu Chunling did it. The flute accompanied him for 97 years, and he devoted countless efforts and love to the flute in his life.

Flute King Lu Chunling has been proficient in flute for 97 years

At the same time, he was also rewarded very handsomely, in return for love. Because he played the flute so well, he was received eight times by great men. His flute even traveled across the ocean, so that the Queen of England did not hesitate to praise it.

1. Start with love

In 1921, Lu Chunling was born in the winter of Shanghai. He has had a special liking for the flute since he was a child. At the age of seven, by chance, he began to learn to play the flute with an old cobbler on the streets of Shanghai.

Once you get started, you can't go back. He followed the old cobbler to practice playing the flute day and night, starting with basic fingering, starting with simple tunes, and gradually getting better, gradually becoming proficient and reaching his own unique understanding of the flute.

Flute King Lu Chunling has been proficient in flute for 97 years

He has been practicing the flute for decades. He worked as a coolie in the shipyard for a period of time, but such a hard time did not make him give up playing the flute. He has been practicing flute as much as he can and insisting on what he loves. thing. This road is not easy to walk, but Lu Chunling has been persevering with enthusiasm, so his flute sound even gradually became less famous.

His love and dedication gradually paid off. In 1934, Lu Chunling, who was only thirteen years old, got the opportunity to play in Shanghai Radio and Television Station by virtue of his excellent flute skills.

At that time, he showed his edge, and the wonderful flute sound made him attract a lot of fans and the attention of the society. But despite being lit by the spotlight, he didn't slack because of it, and instead practiced harder.

What everyone may not know is that Lu Chunling founded the long-standing Chinese National Music Club in 1940. Then after the founding of New China, he took the initiative to provoke the lead and set up the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra.

Since 1954, Lu Chunling has taught part-time at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music as a music professor. Lu Chunling's creative career officially began in the 1950s, which was the peak of the rapid development of China's bamboo flute industry. He was invited to Beijing and performed many of his signature repertoires for the chairman, such as "Walking Steps", "Partridge Flying", "Little Cattle" and "Happy Song".

At that time, it was the time when the Chinese literary and art circles were promoting "Hundred Flowers Bloom". The relaxed political environment and warm cultural atmosphere stimulated Lu Chunling's creative enthusiasm. He worked day and night to write repertoires and created many excellent works that are very popular, which laid a very good foundation for the later development of China's bamboo flute industry.

2. Received 8 interviews by great men during his lifetime

In the winter of 1954, that was the first time he saw the chairman. Before the performance, he was completely unaware of the chairman's visit. He only heard that there was a chief minister who came to observe it.

It was not until the curtain of the stage was opened that he caught a glimpse of the chairman and the prime minister sitting in the third row of the audience. He was also a little frightened at the time, but driven by this sense of urgency and pressure, he could only force himself to adjust to the best state.

In the end, he played a very wonderful "Partridge Flying" for everyone, which won the audience's long-lasting applause and admiration. Including this time, in Lu Chunling's artistic career, he performed for the chairman eight times and was cordially received by the chairman.

In addition, he has performed for the Prime Minister and Comrade Xiaoping and other senior state officials for many times, and has performed in more than 60 countries and regions on behalf of China.

Lu Chunling's attainment in bamboo flute performance has reached a level that has never been seen before. He has performed for national leaders many times, and even went abroad to perform on behalf of the motherland many times.

But Lu Chunling has always been rooted in the masses, not only performing for high-ranking people, but also insisting on performing for the general public. He thinks that his flute is not only in the spring and white snow, but also in the lower Riba. Moreover, he was born in poverty and came from the bottom of the masses. After he has achieved something, he should devote himself to performing for the broadest masses.

They also need art in their lives, as well as their own flute. Lu Chunling has been conscientiously playing the flute in his 97-year life journey, playing the flute for the people.

His flute captured everyone's heart, and everyone respectfully called Lu Chunling the "Flute King". However, he himself was very modest about this title, he thought: "Once everything is king, it will be supreme, and it will be difficult to make further progress. The people have given me the title of 'the people's musician'. I'm satisfied. I'm a piper."

3. It also made the Queen of England compliment

At the age of 66, Lu Chunling and Zhao Songting were regarded as the two great masters of the Southern School of Bamboo Flute. At that time, it was the golden ratio of his artistic attainments and physical strength.

He grew stronger and more diligent in his performances. Lu Chunling's flute has long been famous overseas. In the far west, a distinguished guest was eager to hear Lu Chunling's flute in person. The guest was the Queen of England at the time. When the Queen came to China for the first time, she took the initiative to invite Lu Chunling to perform. After receiving this invitation, Lu Chunling couldn't be sloppy, and he immediately agreed.

At that time, the location of the performance was set at the Huxin Pavilion of the Shanghai City God Temple, and after Shi Wenlei's Pingtan, he went to Lu Chunling. He put the flute on a shelf and showed and introduced different flutes to the queen.

One of them was an English flute, and when it was introduced there, the Queen's mood was suddenly aroused. Lu Chunling had an idea and decided to "do as the locals do".

He played a very classic and cheerful English folk minor "Country Garden" and "Good News" on the English flute. This impromptu performance made the Queen very happy, and even made her emotionally shake hands with Lu Chunling 3 times.

Nowadays, the "craftsman spirit" has become weaker and weaker, but a flute king like Lu Chunling is undoubtedly the best representative of the craftsman spirit. It is really admirable to be so specialized in loving a piece of artifact and dedicating everything for it with the time of one's life.

Involving musical instruments

Dizi (pinyin: dí zi), also known as the horizontal flute, is generally used as an important musical instrument to accompany opera.

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