Flute lovers gather in the cloud to listen and learn Jiangnan bamboo flute culture

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On the evening of May 10th, Zhan Yongming, a doctoral supervisor of the bamboo flute major of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, gave a live broadcast through the online platform "Tencent Conference" with the title of "Flute Rhythm Jiangnan - Appreciation of Southern Bamboo Flute Classics". Wonderful academic lecture. The event was jointly organized by the Tongji University Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Tongji University Art Center and the Tongji University Student Folk Orchestra. That night, nearly 2,000 flute music enthusiasts from all over the country gathered in the cloud to listen to Jiangnan style flute music works and learn about Jiangnan bamboo flute culture.

In the lecture, Zhan Yongming said that the core connotation of Jiangnan flute and xiao culture as the main body is very rich, which is mainly reflected in four aspects: one is openness and tolerance, dare to be the first; , keep improving; the fourth is integrity, humility, morality and pragmatism. These four points are reflected in the performance, creation and academic philosophy of many predecessors. In addition, the formation of Jiangnan flute culture was influenced by Hemudu culture, Liangzhu culture, Wuyue culture, and Taihu Lake culture. The popularity of Kunqu Opera and Jiangnan Sizhu, and the emergence of many Jiangnan style bamboo flute solo works have a long history and orderly inheritance. After the founding of New China, a group of representative figures of Jiangnan flute and xiao emerged, such as Zhao Songting, Lu Chunling, Chen Zhong, Jiangnan Sizhu representative Jin Zuli, Qinxiao representative Sun Yude, Song Jinglian, etc. They made important contributions to the development of Jiangnan flute and flute. .

In the work appreciation session, Zhan Yongming guided the representative works of Mr. Lu Chunling, the master of southern bamboo flute, "Happy Song" and "Little Cattle", and Mr. Zhao Songting's representative works "Orchid in Spring" and "Three Five Seven" respectively. At the same time, I will explain the musical background, style characteristics, technique application, musical connotation and other key points of the above works. Taking "Orchid in Spring" as an example, Mr. Zhan said: "The version in the video was performed by my mentor Mr. Zhao Songting in 2000, together with my juniors Dai Ya and Du Rusong in the Taipei Qinyuan Chinese Orchestra. Orchids often Growing up in a shaded valley, it symbolizes elegant beauty. Mr. Zhao Songting felt this, and he and Cao Xing created the flute piece "Orchid in Spring". Teacher Zhao used this song to remember the most beloved Premier Zhou. , to pour out my heart. Regrettably, my teacher passed away on March 9, the second year (2001). Therefore, in the 'Song Ting Liu Fang - Zhao Song Ting's 80th Birthday Memorial Concert' held by the Taiwan Qinyuan Chinese Orchestra , when Zhang Weiliang, Dai Ya, and Du Rusong came back to play "The Orchid Comes to Spring", I felt even more respect and longing for my teacher."

In the interactive session, in response to the questions raised by the audience, Zhan Yongming answered the questions one by one, and explained the basic skills training methods and requirements, the application of stylistic skills in music, the integration of north and south style skills, the exploration and development of innovative skills, and the integration of technology and emotion. Suggestions and guidance were given in terms of blending and combining, and the teaching guide of bamboo flute popularization education. At the end of the lecture, Mr. Dai Jinsheng expressed his gratitude to Mr. Zhan for his wonderful academic sharing on behalf of the Jinyin Flute Club of Tongji University. This event allowed the audience to appreciate the beauty of traditional art while learning the classics of the Southern Bamboo Flute. As Zhan Yongming said, it is imperative to inherit and develop the culture of flute music, and to use Chinese bamboo flutes to tell Chinese stories well.

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Involving the artist

Zhan Yongming, a famous flute player and educator, is a member of the Chinese Musicians Association, a director of the Chinese National Orchestra Society, and the deputy head of the National Song and Dance Troupe. He has now moved to Singapore.
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Involving musical instruments

Dizi (pinyin: dí zi), also known as the horizontal flute, is generally used as an important musical instrument to accompany opera.

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