Jackdaw splashing in the water: a song painted all the rhyme of Jiangnan water town

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In the long river of Chinese classical music, "Jackdaw Playing in the Water" is like a simple and elegant ink painting, quietly spreading in people's hearts. This famous Guzheng not only touches people's hearts with its fresh and refined melody, but also hides a creative story about the integration of nature and art, which is endless.

Jackdaw splashing in the water: a song painted all the rhyme of Jiangnan water town

Early winter Jiangnan, jackdaws dot

The story took place in the late Qing Dynasty, Jiangnan water town, an early winter dusk, light mist cage, the water surface layers of delicate ripples. Meanwhile, a guzheng artist named Chen Yizhai strolled along the banks of the winding river. As the wind blew, a flock of black jackdaws stood out in the darkening sky, perched on dry branches or flying low across the water, occasionally issuing a few crisp calls, in sharp contrast to the silence around.

Inspiration strikes, emotion moves

Chen Yizhai was deeply attracted by this scene in front of her, and the interaction between jackdaws and water seemed to tell a kind of artistic conception beyond words. The emotion that ran through him coincided with the natural scene, an urge to put the scene into musical notes. When he got home, he immediately sat down in front of the zheng, touching the strings with his fingertips, trying to capture that moment of inspiration.

Ink dance the strings, meaning far-reaching

After repeated deliberation and polishing, "Jackdaw Playing in Water" gradually took shape. In the song, the clear tone of the guzheng seems to be transformed into a jackdaw singing, sometimes melodic, sometimes jumping, vividly reproducing the jackdaw playing freely on the water. And those long glissores and trills, skillfully delineate the tranquility and indifference of Jiangnan water towns, as well as the imperceptible chill.

Inheritance and development, classic sustainable

Since its publication, Jackdaws Playing in the Water has won wide praise for its unique artistic charm, and has become one of the representative works of the Zheng school in Chaozhou. It not only shows the depth and delicacy of Guzheng music, but also embodies the concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature in traditional Chinese culture. Over time, the piece has been performed by countless zither players, each time a tribute to the spark of inspiration that first appeared, and a recelebration of the beauty of nature and humanity.

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Guzheng (pinyin: Gǔ Zhēng), also known as Hanzheng and Qinzheng, is an ancient national musical instrument of the Han nationality and is popular all over China. It is often used for solo, duet, instrumental ensemble and accompaniment of song and dance, opera and folk art. Because of its wide range, beautiful timbre, rich playing skills and strong expressiveness, it is known as the "King of Music", also known as "Oriental Piano", and is one of the unique and important national musical instruments in China.

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