Meet the romantic Taoxun, slowly taste the intangible cultural heritage

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Meet the romantic Taoxun, and slowly taste the intangible cultural heritage. Xun is an ancient wind instrument in my country with a history of six or seven thousand years. The Taoxun performance skills project was listed as the sixth batch of representative projects of intangible cultural heritage in Xi'an.

Meet the romantic Taoxun, slowly taste the intangible cultural heritage

▲Zhao Jun, the inheritor of Tao Xun’s handmade craftsmanship, is concentrating on making Tao Xun

Zhao Jun, a member of the Chinese Folk Artists Association and inheritor of the handmade craftsmanship of Taoxun in Xi'an, has been engaged in the production of Taoxun at the Banpo Museum in Xi'an since 1997, and has carefully studied the craftsmanship of Taoxun for many years. Zhao Jun took advantage of the unique soil conditions of Bailuyuan, adopted original tools and pure hand-made methods, inherited the traditional firing process, and produced pottery xuns of different shapes and modes, which brought the ancient musical instruments to life. "Bailu Plain made Xun people".

The pottery xun made by Zhao Jun is beautiful and practical in appearance, easy to play, and has a unique and solid timbre. The pottery xun made by him has honest quality and individual charm, showing a unique style of simplicity and naturalness, roughness and boldness, and profound artistic conception. His work has also won several awards.

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西安市灞桥区:邂逅浪漫陶埙 慢品非遗文化

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Xun (pinyin: xūn) is a closed-mouthed wind instrument unique to the Han nationality. It occupies an important position in the history of primitive art in the world.

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