The benefits of learning the flute for children

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Many children like the flute as an instrument, so for parents, they must be very concerned about their children learning the flute, right?

The benefits of learning the flute for children

1. Bamboo flute can exercise lung capacity. Bamboo flutes mostly use abdominal breathing. Abdominal breathing is what we breathe when we sleep. It is in the same position as yoga and Taijiquan's inhalation luck, and it is a quick inhalation and a very slow exhalation, similar to the ancient Chinese traditional pranayama - breathing. Everyone should know that Lao Tzu advocates "the way of nature", and he advocates breathing like a baby. Bamboo flute can adjust everyone's breathing, and learning to control one's own breath is very beneficial to the body. There are many students who have studied for a period of time, because they are much taller than many children, they come to me and ask me, "Will practicing the bamboo flute improve height?" They are much taller, but children who learn bamboo flute are indeed much better in physical quality and energy than ordinary children, and they are more lively and healthy.

2. Bamboo flute is a good musical instrument with hands, brains and chi. Generally, many musical instruments only require hands and brains, but bamboo flute relies on breath to control the timbre, pitch, and stability of the sound. Therefore, children who practice the bamboo flute will have more flexible fingers, smarter brains, and better bodies. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but generally bamboo flute teachers have good physical strength, climb stairs without panting, and walk faster than other musical instrument teachers. Some time ago, there was a boom for the elderly to learn the flute, and many elderly people in their 60s signed up to learn the bamboo flute. Moreover, the bamboo flute is a Chinese musical instrument, so the tunes that have been learned and memorized are not as difficult to memorize as those learned from foreign musical instruments, and they are easy to forget. Generally, children have learned the tunes, and when they are familiar with them, they will memorize them, and they will never forget them for a lifetime. It also trains memory.

3. High-quality aesthetic education. Bamboo flute is an elegant traditional musical instrument. It can play all kinds of famous Chinese and foreign songs, which can better let children learn aesthetics, feel the characteristics of music of different styles, types and regions, which is greatly enriched and broadens their horizons. And increase the opportunity to perform on stage, make children more brave, and establish a good self-confidence.

4. There are similarities in playing musical instruments, but it is a little difficult to play the flute well, but after playing the bamboo flute, Xiao, Bawu, Hulusi, Xun, pan flute, and the recorder used by students in elementary school will all play . This is normal because these instruments use the same breath and have the exact same technique, just a little different fingering. After learning the bamboo flute well, children with quick reactions can learn it all in 3 or 4 days, and children with slower reactions can learn it all in about a week.

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Dizi (pinyin: dí zi), also known as the horizontal flute, is generally used as an important musical instrument to accompany opera.

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