Chinese traditional culture inherits "China's Talent" 2-meter bamboo flute blowing ethereal sound

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"I want to carry forward Chinese folk music and let the traditional Chinese culture be passed on." These are the words of 36-year-old Han Feng holding a bamboo flute.

Chinese traditional culture inherits

In a small farmyard in Wangguanying 4th Village, Youzha Town, Luanzhou City, Hebei Province, the beautiful sound of bamboo flutes wafted out.

In 1986, Han Guofeng was born in Wangguanying Fourth Village, a small mountain village that is backed by the Yanshan Mountains. There are four siblings in the family. His father went out to work as a carpenter to earn money to support the family. spend the day.

When he was 5 years old, the young Korean Feng lived with his grandmother's uncle who was 3 years older than him, and was fascinated by the bamboo flute in his uncle's hand. "Why is this voice so nice? Lend me to play?" he asked his uncle. He took over his uncle's bamboo flute, but he couldn't play it when he was young. Seeing that he really liked it, his uncle gave him a plastic recorder. Since then, this recorder has become his favorite "toy", and he will not leave it day and night.

Chinese traditional culture inherits

When he went to elementary school, he was accompanied by the flute all day. He was selected by the music teacher into the bamboo flute class, and he used the big break time to learn simple techniques every day. With the teacher's teaching, he became more fascinated by the flute. After school, he put the flute in his schoolbag and went home to continue practicing. After practicing until after ten o'clock in the evening, the short room was stuffy and hot, so he ran to the street. on the practice.

In the company of the flute, the seeds of music took root in his heart day by day. After entering high school, it became his goal to go to the conservatory of music. In order to realize his dream, he used the weekends to go to the county seat 35 kilometers away from his home since his first year of high school to learn from the professional flute player Wang Jianlin of the Cultural Center. In the cold winter, the cold wind poured into his body like a knife cutting flesh, but he never missed class.

In 2005, he was admitted to the Conservatory of Music of Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology as he wished. In order to make up for the cost of learning, his parents who supported him in learning the flute since he was a child successively sold the most valuable property in the family - a large ox and a donkey. While studying hard, he continued his part-time work career that he started in high school. "The school is right on the Bohai Sea, but I don't even know how to eat crabs and oysters." Han Feng said, recalling his college life.

In his sophomore year, Han Guofeng was drafted into the army to serve in the military band of a certain army, under the tutelage of Wei Xianzhong, a famous Chinese flute player. He cherished the precious learning opportunity very much, practiced more diligently, and improved his music performance to a higher level. He served as the chief flute player of the condolences performance team.

Chinese traditional culture inherits

After retiring from the army, Han Feng found a job as an excavator driver. The flute is still his constant companion. From bangdi, qudi, to double flute, the flute he plays is getting longer and longer. In 2009, he decided to challenge the higher and more difficult 2-meter flute.

"A 2-meter flute is the limit for solo performance. No one has ever tried it before. Are you really sure?" The flute factory heard his request and confirmed it with him.

The 2-meter flute custom-made by Korea Peak is composed of two flutes with lengths of 1.2 meters and 0.8 meters respectively. The two flutes are connected with copper in the middle, which can be removed or combined. Ordinary flutes are 40 cm to 70 cm in length and have 1 membrane hole and 7 finger holes. This 2-meter flute has 2 membrane holes and 9 finger holes. It requires extremely high breath skills and control ability when playing.

The more beautiful things are, the more extraordinary efforts are required. After Han Guofeng got off work at night, he plunged into the dormitory and stopped coming out to practice the flute. The fingers are stiff, and after doing freehand exercises, the arm ends are sore and numb, and the activities are continued after a few strokes, and the breath is practiced until I can't breathe, as if my breathing is disordered... two A month later, the timbre finally became normal, the monophonic was stable, and he could practice music. Later, he played the 2-meter flute like a duck in water.

Today's Han Guofeng is a member of the Hebei Musicians Association and an executive director of the Bamboo Flute Professional Committee of the Hebei National Orchestra Society. Over the past few years, hundreds of students have been tutored by Korea Fengshou for free, and many of them have been admitted to key universities for further study. His own three children have already emerged in the Luanzhou city level competition at a young age.

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Dizi (pinyin: dí zi), also known as the horizontal flute, is generally used as an important musical instrument to accompany opera.

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