The shepherd boy played the flute on the back of the cow

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The shepherd boy played the flute on the back of the cow. This is a silhouette of the musician He Lvting's childhood. Although his suffering childhood made him rarely have a leisurely mood. But in the evening, in the lonely night in the countryside, how can a naive boy refuse this leisure? Therefore, playing the flute became a beautiful idea in his childhood. Every day when it was dark, he took a flute to the bridge or the rice straw pile in the threshing field after driving the cattle into the circle, and blew gently in the face of the vast sky. In this way, the melodious music of the flute in Qingyuan evokes a young man's dream of beautiful and brilliant music.

In 1934, Alexander Zilpin, a famous composer and pianist, came to China to hold a competition for Chinese piano works. At that time, He Lvting, who was studying in Shanghai National Conservatory of Music, applied for the bid with "Shepherd Boy Piccolo" and won the first prize. He was the first to open the door of Chinese piano music to the world music world. Zilpin took the piano music to Europe to perform it in person and published it in Japan. Since then, this piano piece has become famous at home and abroad, and has become one of the repertoire of pianists from all over the world. This piano sketch successfully imitates the characteristics of the Chinese folk musical instrument flute with fresh and smooth rhyme, echoing and answering two tone polyphony melody, and shows the audience a picture of traditional Chinese landscape, pastoral and ink painting, which makes people seem to see a shepherd boy riding on the back of a cow in the Jiangnan water village playing his flute leisurely.

He Lvting has always lived a frugal life because he has personally experienced the hardships of the people. When he became famous and served as the dean of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, he was still wearing clothes that were shabby at that time and exposed even meat in some places. Even in the eyes of his daughter, he is not like a composer, but he is always a conscientious person in life. One year, Jiefang Daily published a pictorial and needed to borrow a sketch painted by He Lvting himself. He Lvting's daughter wrapped the frame with a newspaper. She wanted to find a piece of plastic rope to wrap it, but she couldn't find anywhere. At this time, He Lvting unhurriedly opened the drawer of the writing desk, just like taking out his favorite music score, he took out a piece of plastic rope several feet long.

He Lvting regards music as his life. In the spring of 1940, he collected more than 20 rare piano scores in Chongqing. On the way back to school from Chongqing, he turned over the scores on the boat. He Lvting survived thanks to his good wateriness. After returning to the bank, his clothes were soaked. Although he stood shivering in the cold wind, he insisted on carrying the bag of wet music back to school with great care until he retrieved it. Facing the destruction of mountains and rivers, and the collapse of the country, his fervent patriotic heart fluctuated with the years. The film songs composed by him, such as In Spring, Four Seasons, Tianya Singing Girl, and Love in Autumn, have been sung all over the country, and the Song of the Guerrilla is full of national vitality, making people never tire of hearing it.

The hardships and hardships of life have made He Lvting successful. As for He Lvting, he used his unique, clear and fresh life like Shepherd Boy Piccolo to graze his folk style, his flowing clouds, his beautiful yearning and his immortal national affections.

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Dizi (pinyin: dí zi), also known as the horizontal flute, is generally used as an important musical instrument to accompany opera.

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