Xunyang City Chengguan Third Primary School "Double Reduction" Landing Creative Practice Tour

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Xunyang City Chengguan No. 3 Primary School grandly held the "Welcome to the New Era of the 20th National Contributions" Double Reduction Achievement Exhibition and the Second Track and Field Games.

The event has not yet ended, and it has received warm comments from the masses. They all said that the children of Chengguan No. 3 Primary School are developing in the best direction for the future.

The students' quality display is divided into several parts: class admission display, sports club skills display, thousand-person bamboo flute square display and individual sports skills display. Each part is meticulously arranged and educational concepts, and the display of childlike innocence. It is reported that since the implementation of the "double reduction", the school has implemented bold sports and art education reforms to ensure that the "double reduction" policy takes root. "Double reduction and double increase" and "five managements" have been implemented. "Five homework" (doing housework, reading, practicing calligraphy, skipping rope, bamboo flute) has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Xunyang City Chengguan Third Primary School

"Although it took less than a year for the construction of the sports field of Chengguan No. 3 Primary School in Xunyang City, the school is actively exploring and making bold reforms in the implementation of the "2+1" work of sports and art proposed by the Ministry of Education. The physical quality has gradually improved and has been widely praised by the society." At the opening ceremony, Chen Wendong, deputy director of the Xunyang Education, Sports and Science and Technology Bureau, said emotionally.

"The achievement display of 'Double Reduction' in Chengguan No. 3 Primary School is quite shocking. The Taijiquan, Chinese martial arts and "My Motherland" played by the bamboo flute displayed by thousands of students are all amazing, although the children's movements are slightly obvious. They are young, and their playing voice is not so beautiful, but in less than a year, children can make such progress, which is really commendable. 'Developing sports and enhancing people's physique' is an important policy formulated by the party and the state. An important foundation for the implementation of the great rejuvenation of the nation. A strong youth will make a strong country, and a strong sports will make education strong. The vigorous development of sports work can cultivate students' sense of competition, teamwork, discipline and health, and lay a solid foundation for rural revitalization. "Zhu Daifu, Secretary of the Party Committee of Chengguan Town, Xunyang City, was also moved by the growth of the children.

Xunyang City Chengguan Third Primary School

It is reported that every arrangement of this event shows great care, and the thousand-person square is divided into four sections: the first section "Tai Chi Hun Yuan", the Taijiquan display is an insinuation of Xunyang Taiji culture; the second section "" The martial arts performance of "Prosperous Youth" is the guide of the spirit of the youth; the third section of the bamboo flute playing "My Motherland" is not only the cultivation and expression of the children's patriotic feelings, but also the display of the "double reduction" achievements of the three primary schools in Chengguan! The transformation of the entire phalanx was neat and natural, and the atmosphere of the scene was shocking and moving.

After the implementation of the "Double Reduction", Xunyang City Chengguan No. 3 Primary School fully guarantees that children have more time for physical exercise, conducts popular sports skills education, conducts labor activities, improves physical health, cultivates interest in labor, and promotes children's physical and mental health. Comprehensive development.

Involving musical instruments

Dizi (pinyin: dí zi), also known as the horizontal flute, is generally used as an important musical instrument to accompany opera.

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