A flower: the treasure of suona art and the soul of folk music

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As a popular Chinese traditional suona solo piece, A Flower is a shining pearl in the treasure house of Chinese national instrumental music. With its profound artistic connotation, unique musical language and rich expression, this work fully demonstrates the great charm of the suona, an ancient instrument, and its important position in Chinese traditional music culture.

A flower: the treasure of suona art and the soul of folk music

The creative inspiration of "A Flower" comes from life, through the artists' artistic refinement of the natural scenery "a flower", showing the vitality, implicit and restrained but also warm and unrestrained emotional color. Its melodic lines have both the bold and rough of northern music and the delicate and graceful of southern music, reflecting the beauty of the integration of Chinese northern and southern cultures.

In terms of playing skills, "A Flower" can be regarded as the touchstone of suona players. It contains a variety of difficult playing techniques, such as the steady and solid long note, the flexible jumping of the flower tongue, and the smooth and free glissando, etc., which makes the whole program of expression rich and diverse, and has high artistic appreciation value.

In addition, "A Flower" deeper reflects the Chinese nation's love for life and yearning for beautiful things. It symbolically, through a blooming flower allegory life, meaning the power of life and perseverance of the spirit, to convey people's pursuit of a happy and harmonious life vision.

To sum up, as a classic suona solo work, "A Flower" is not only a work showing musical talent and technical skills, but also an artistic carrier carrying profound folk culture and people's emotional sustence, vividly interpreting the unique charm and eternal vitality of traditional Chinese music.

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Suona (pinyin: suǒ nà) is a Chinese double-reed woodwind instrument. Also called Suannai, trumpet, advocacy. The traditional suona is composed of five parts: whistle, air card, intruder, rod and bowl.

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