After 60, the mother gave her son a look at the erhu and his son cooperated with her in seconds

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Recently, the post-60s mother gave her son an eye and her son a second to cooperate with the topic of "#", which made many netizens pay attention to @ Aihong mother and son erhu, a combination of erhu mother and son from Hubei.

Her mother Aihong was born in the 60s, her son Xianghe was born in the 90s. In recent years, they have attracted 1.19 million fans and nearly 15 million people have watched their live "concert" by playing erhu in the Tiktok studio.

After 60, the mother gave her son a look at the erhu and his son cooperated with her in seconds

When playing, Aihong always looks at her son unconsciously. Melody in and out, bow pulling and bow pushing, the cooperation of the two is in this eye. At this glance, netizens were called "murderous" and "second understand", and behind it was the tacit understanding between mother and son that lasted for 20 years.

After 60, the mother gave her son a look at the erhu and his son cooperated with her in seconds

@Aihong mother son erhu Tiktok homepage and live broadcast room

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Erhu mother-child combination became popular

One eye has been tacit for 20 years

With nearly 40 years of Erhu stage career, Aihong remembers many "highlights".

For example, at the Chang'an Grand Theater in Beijing, after the performance, the audience gathered around the orchestra pit and refused to leave for a long time; For example, in the fields of rural Henan, villagers sat on the grain heap and cheered for the performance.

The first performance of Aihong during the Spring Festival this year was the sixth day of the Lunar New Year, with an audience of nearly 5000. This is not the highest in history. His son Xianghe remembered that the number had exceeded 20000.

In fact, this is an online concert held in the Tiktok studio. Netizens click the screen to enter, just like coming to a concert hall. The difference is that it does not check tickets and the number of seats tends to be unlimited. The audience is as close to the stage, and every "idea" can be seen in real time. For Aihong, who has performed for decades, this is a new stage.

After 60, the mother gave her son a look at the erhu and his son cooperated with her in seconds

In her early years, Aihong performed the erhu in the villages and towns

For Aihong, finding the beauty of folk music begins with a melody of "Oriental Red".

That was in the 1970s, when she was still a teenager. Her father, who worked in the factory propaganda team, taught her to play erhu and banhu as a "craft".

It was originally a very boring thing to practice "Duo Lai Mi Fa Zi" at the beginning. Suddenly one day, Aihong found the tune of "Oriental Red" in the monotonous scale. She was surprised to hear that the familiar melody was born from the crisscross bowstring.

This piece of music with the mark of the times became her favorite music at that time. Her father also praised her for being "really gifted".

In 1987, Aihong, in her early twenties, left her hometown in Henan and enrolled in the Hubei Henan Opera Troupe in Xiangyang.

As one of the five major operas in China, Henan Opera also has a wide audience and profound tradition in Hubei Province. "A group of people who were admitted to the opera troupe at the same time as me had all the joys and sorrows of life, and I was the only musician." Ai Hong recalled that she played the banhu, an essential part of Henan Opera, and became the main chord of the orchestra.

The main stage of opera is always owned by actors. In Aihong's impression, the accompaniment band has always been on the right side of the stage, which is important but not very noticeable.

"I don't envy. I always think that someone is born an actor, and I am suitable for being a musician." She also likes to play solo, enjoying the feeling of "going to perform alone", "very elegant".

After 60, the mother gave her son a look at the erhu and his son cooperated with her in seconds

Aihong performing on stage

For decades, Aihong has appeared on various stages, sometimes accompaniment, sometimes solo. But she didn't think that she would play the erhu in the live room and be heard by tens of thousands of people at the same time. "Erhu can reach this level not in two days a day, but in January and February," one netizen wrote in the comment area.

Xianghe, Aihong's son and the same erhu player, practiced "Tongzi Gong". Both grandparents are engaged in the opera industry. Their father is the music designer of the opera troupe, and their mother is the main chord. Playing musical instruments is his "home study". At the age of seven or eight, other children were playing in the yard after school. His mother caught him home to practice piano.

After 60, the mother gave her son a look at the erhu and his son cooperated with her in seconds

As a teenager, Xianghe and his mother Aihong performed the erhu on the same stage

"The erhu is so high, on my thigh, I have to look up to the top." Xianghe recalled that his mother, as a master, was strict with him. The first time he took the stage was at Faxiao's birthday party. He was timid and wanted his mother to accompany him. His mother agreed with him, "When the melody goes in and out, pull the bow and push the bow, my mother will tell you with her eyes".

This look and tacit understanding lasted for 20 years. When the mother and son play now, Aihong always looks at the Xianghe River. Some netizens will ask "Is my son pulling the wrong way?" Others will say "Mom, don't look, others will pull". But more people especially like this action and think it means mother's care. This has also become a major feature of Aihong's live broadcast.

After 60, the mother gave her son a look at the erhu and his son cooperated with her in seconds

The tacit understanding of Aihong's mother and son when they play is a major feature of their performance

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"Live broadcast is a party designed by ourselves"

Xianghe on the screen has a baby face. He always sits at the right rear of his mother, looking very cute. Occasionally, some netizens asked whether he was a young child.

Xianghe doesn't mind this. In fact, he left home and enlisted in the army when he was a teenager, became a literary and artistic soldier, and stayed in the army for eight years. After retiring from the army, he returned to his hometown to start a business and set up a piano shop, selling and teaching piano. In recent years, affected by the epidemic, he closed his piano business and joined the Henan Opera Troupe of Hubei Province as a performer.

After 60, the mother gave her son a look at the erhu and his son cooperated with her in seconds

Xianghe River during rehearsal

In the past, Hubei Henan Opera Troupe has performed a lot of cultural benefits to the people, "appearing on the stage for half a month". But under the influence of the epidemic, the performances of Aihong and Xianghe have decreased. Aihong once put on a red vest and went to the grass-roots level as an anti-epidemic volunteer.

In the past, she also tried to shoot video trembling sound, but few people paid attention to it. On the day without performance, Xianghe began to help his mother shoot, carefully studying what music to play, what clothes to wear, and what angle to face the camera.

Most of the time, Aihong shoots videos at home. There are earthen pots and pots on the shelf, Chinese bead curtains hanging in front of the window, and green plants swaying. In the old house where the family has lived for more than 20 years, the sun room transformed from the old balcony has a stage significance.

On a whim, Xianghe shot a video of the mother and son playing together, but unexpectedly received many compliments. The combination was thus formed. With more people paying attention, Xianghe has become more and more interested. In Tiktok, he found that many folk musicians were broadcasting live. In October 2022, the mother and son decided to "try a live broadcast".

Xianghe recalled that for the first live broadcast, only his mother performed alone, and he did auxiliary work. The program is not arranged, so you can play whatever you think. Aihong is not good at words. The live broadcast effect was not ideal, "no more than 100 people". After a few days of broadcasting, Xianghe joined in. He is young, quick to respond, and has a better sense of network. The sign action is to compare your arms to your heart in front of the camera. Thank you for your support.

The mother and son broadcast live every night except Monday. Every time it is released, it will be repeated. "That sentence can be said better" and "The song that fans say can be added to the program next time".

In order to improve the level of live broadcast, Xianghe learned script, improved lighting, designed clothing, and hung calligraphy works on the background wall of live broadcast. He will carefully select the tracks to be played during the live broadcast, "celebrate the Spring Festival", and "evoke common memories" at ordinary times. They played the theme song "Iron Blood and Heart" of the classic martial arts drama "Legend of the Archer Hero", with more than 49 million views. The netizen said, "I cried when I heard the first sentence."

After 60, the mother gave her son a look at the erhu and his son cooperated with her in seconds

Aihong's mother and son's live room

"Live broadcasting is to design a party by oneself, host and perform by oneself, and maintain interaction with the audience at any time." Xianghe said that before the Spring Festival of the Rabbit, the popularity of their live broadcasting room was getting higher and higher, and he was excited and nervous. "Actors have to be 'crazy'. The more the audience, the more they want to show their best selves."

He and his mother also forged more tacit understanding. Nowadays, it is more natural for Aihong to face the camera. But no matter where she appeared on the stage, she still attached great importance to the stage.

Some viewers will reward when watching the live broadcast. Aihong said that this is the highest respect and affirmation for the performer, just like "buying concert tickets", which she particularly values. Fans who want to play the song they want to listen to. If they are not familiar with it, Aihong will never start immediately. She will write down the title of the song, find the score after the live broadcast, and copy it by herself. She will not play in the next live broadcast until she has a sense of integrity.

However, no matter whether they receive the reward or not, the consensus between mother and son is always that "coming into the live room is our audience".

"We will not take the initiative to reward." Xianghe also said, "But we sincerely thank the people who reward, which is a strong support for us, and also allows more folk music players to have a chance to be seen and may persist."

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It's mother and son, partner and competitor

In the eyes of many fans, mother and son playing together on the stage has a sense of inheritance. More than 20 years ago, love Hongjiao Xianghe, and free education for children of the same age as their sons. When five or six children sat in a row to learn to play the piano, she recalled "feeling funny and happy".

The story is not so perfect in Xianghe's memory. He went to primary school and was the only student in the school who could play erhu. Although he often has the opportunity to stage and compete, some classmates always ask him what to do with this. "Aren't the erhu played by the old man?". At that time, urban families with conditions to let children learn musical instruments would choose piano and violin more. When Xianghe River opens the piano shop, "the market brings more experience" - children are more willing to learn western musical instruments than traditional Chinese music.

After 60, the mother gave her son a look at the erhu and his son cooperated with her in seconds

Xianghe Stage Race in Youth

Later, the situation changed. After Xianghe's mother and son opened a Tiktok account, more students came to visit. In a recent live broadcast, a netizen left a message saying "My child wants to listen to" The Lonely Warrior ". When Xianghe saw the title of the song "Fired all over the primary school students", he flashed a flash of inspiration and asked, "Is there a parent with children watching it? If there is one, he will buckle a 'lone warrior'.". Many people replied.

Xianghe felt excited and pleased. He felt that the live broadcast of the two generations on the same platform attracted more people of all ages for the national music.

In the live room, another mother left a message saying that her son fell in love with the erhu imitating the neighing of horses in Horse Race.

"There is also" Birds in the Empty Mountain ", which can imitate the singing of birds. Erhu is an instrument similar to human voice, which can imitate many kinds of sound effects." Xianghe is full of confidence. "In the future programs, I will set more programs that children will like!"

Today, looking back at the days when his parents were playing piano, he said, "I still appreciate more". He and his mother also completed some identity transformation in the transformation of the power of the times.

After 60, the mother gave her son a look at the erhu and his son cooperated with her in seconds

Aihong's mother and son perform together

In those years, when learning piano, what the mother said, what the son listened to; Now facing the camera and opening the live broadcast, the son of the Internet generation has absolute authority. In Xianghe's view, China is not short of excellent folk musicians, but many people do not know, which is a pity. So it is very important to combine the traditional art form with the new stage.

Now, in addition to performing well in the unit, the Tiktok stage has become a very important part of the life of mother and son. Aihong also wondered, "The traditional performance lasted more than one hour and was extremely tired. Now how could the live broadcast be broadcast for more than three hours without being careful?".

Only when it comes to the music itself, the "power" of the mother and son will once again be equally matched. Two people can't avoid "comparison" when playing. Some listeners commented that "ginger is still old and hot", while others said that "green is better than blue". Xianghe smiled and said that if he and his mother played the piano in turn, who played first would try to perform better.

"I said that I was proud of my mother." He said, "I secretly competed to play better. We are mother and son, partners, and competitors." Xianghe might not have thought of such interesting and meaningful pictures, which are exactly what his mother wanted when he taught him to play piano many years ago.

"At that time, I had a goal." Aihong said, "Let him pull better than me."

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