The Tales of Arcan Dombra

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Akendumbra is a Kazakh plucked stringed musical instrument. The Kazakh language "Aken" means "folk singer". Akendumbra is a tombula commonly used by folk singers when they play and sing.

There is such a legend about Akendonbula. In ancient times, there was a smart and beautiful Kazakh girl who was looking for a talented young man to be her lifelong partner. Whoever could let the tree speak, she would marry her. Who.

A young man fell in love with this girl for a long time. He was thinking hard outside the girl's yurt. In the evening, the young man was so hungry that he killed a sheep, hung its intestines on a branch, and set up a bonfire to roast meat to satisfy his hunger. The grassland was clear, the moon rose from the east, and the night wind blew by. Accompanied by the bright moonlight, he leaned against the big tree and fell asleep.

On the quiet moonlit night, a pleasant sound awakened the young man. It turned out that the hot wind dries the sheep intestines hanging on the branches, making a wonderful sound. The revelation of nature made the young man suddenly realize, he cut down a big tree, made the body of the dongbra with it, twisted the sheep intestines into strings and tied it at both ends, he played the dongbra made of the big tree, and told the girl. She poured out her love, and the euphemistic and affectionate music touched the girl's heart. She also sang sweet songs along with the beautiful melody played by Dongbra. Since then, they have become lifelong partners, and Dongbra is also widely spread on the grasslands.
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Akendumbra (pinyin: ā kěn dōng bù lā) is a Kazakh plucked stringed musical instrument. The Kazakh language "Aken" means "folk singer". Akendumbra is a tombula commonly used by folk singers when they play and sing.

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