"Aduqin Asir Variations" Yatogar Performance - Naren Geri Music
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This piece is probably a Mongolian-style piece of music gradually formed after Emperor Taizong Huang Taiji (1592-1643) of the Qing Dynasty founded the Eight Banners of Mongolia.

It has been widely circulated in Xilingol and Chahar area, especially in the Xianghuang Banner area, it has long been known as a household name, and it is an ancient folk music that people like to hear and see. (Aduqin means Wrangler, and Aser is the general term for music).

Involving the artist

Naren Gerile, female, born in Xing'an League, Inner Mongolia, is a guzheng artist and a descendant of Mongolian guzheng (Yatoga), and studied under Zhamsu and Zhao Yuzhai.
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Involving musical instruments

Yatoga (pinyin: yǎ tuō gá) is a Mongolian plucked stringed musical instrument, also known as zheng, and the Han people call it Mongolian zheng. There are differences in the use of Yatoka by all classes of the Mongolian people. The army mostly uses the 14-string Yatoka for military activities such as expeditions, battles and triumphs; the palace and the palace often use the thirteen-string Yatoka to welcome guests. In ceremonial activities such as banquets, banquets, and delivery; Lama monasteries and folk use the twelve-string Yatoka for religious and festive activities such as sacrifice, chanting, and folk grand gatherings (Naadam).

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Mongolian musical instruments include Matouqin, Mongolian drum, Huobusi, Tobshur, Yatok, Sihu, Hujia and so on. Mongolian musical instruments are used in folk songs and rap related to nomadic life. Mongolian musical instruments In traditional ancient chants, hymns, banquet songs and many songs reflecting the life of herdsmen, Mongolian musical instruments can be divided into three categories: folk musical instruments, religious musical instruments and sacrificial musical instruments.
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Yatoga is an ancient musical instrument in my country, popular in all parts of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Mongolian inhabited areas of Liaoning and Jilin provinces.
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Yatoga is one of the ancient musical instruments in our country. Its shape is exactly the same as that of the guzheng, but it also has its own uniqueness.
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As one of the ancient musical instruments in our country, Yatoga has different usage methods for Mongolian people.
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Yatoga is a kind of zheng, also known as Mongolian zheng by the Han nationality. It has been widely popular among the people as early as the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. It is especially prosperous in the Qin state, known as the Qin zheng in history, and is one of the ancient musical instruments in my country.
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