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Introduction to Narenger Rile(guzheng,Yatoka)Master performer,music educator

Naren Gerile, female, born in Xing'an League, Inner Mongolia, is a guzheng artist and a descendant of Mongolian guzheng (Yatoga), and studied under Zhamsu and Zhao Yuzhai.

In 1957, the first batch of students of the Inner Mongolia Art School (now the Art College of Inner Mongolia University) was established. Over the past 40 years, nearly 200 students from France, Japan, Mongolia, and the Czech Republic have been trained, and they have been invited to give lectures in Mongolia for many times. A complete overhaul, changing the traditional Yatogo from 13 strings to 19 strings, makes it more expressive.

In 2001 and 2006, he was invited to Taiwan and Hong Kong to hold Guzheng (Yatoga) solo concerts. Naren Gerile has pioneered the guzheng education in Inner Mongolia, made outstanding contributions to the inheritance and promotion of the important genre of Chinese guzheng, Yatoka, and cultivated generations of outstanding guzheng (Yatoga) talent.
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Yatoga (pinyin: yǎ tuō gá) is a Mongolian plucked stringed musical instrument, also known as zheng, and the Han people call it Mongolian zheng. There are differences in the use of Yatoka by all classes of the Mongolian people. The army mostly uses the 14-string Yatoka for military activities such as expeditions, battles and triumphs; the palace and the palace often use the thirteen-string Yatoka to welcome guests. In ceremonial activities such as banquets, banquets, and delivery; Lama monasteries and folk use the twelve-string Yatoka for religious and festive activities such as sacrifice, chanting, and folk grand gatherings (Naadam).
Guzheng (pinyin: Gǔ Zhēng), also known as Hanzheng and Qinzheng, is an ancient national musical instrument of the Han nationality and is popular all over China. It is often used for solo, duet, instrumental ensemble and accompaniment of song and dance, opera and folk art. Because of its wide range, beautiful timbre, rich playing skills and strong expressiveness, it is known as the "King of Music", also known as "Oriental Piano", and is one of the unique and important national musical instruments in China.

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Mongolian musical instruments include Matouqin, Mongolian drum, Huobusi, Tobshur, Yatok, Sihu, Hujia and so on. Mongolian musical instruments are used in folk songs and rap related to nomadic life. Mongolian musical instruments In traditional ancient chants, hymns, banquet songs and many songs reflecting the life of herdsmen, Mongolian musical instruments can be divided into three categories: folk musical instruments, religious musical instruments and sacrificial musical instruments.
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Yatoga is an ancient musical instrument in my country, popular in all parts of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Mongolian inhabited areas of Liaoning and Jilin provinces.
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Yatoga is one of the ancient musical instruments in our country. Its shape is exactly the same as that of the guzheng, but it also has its own uniqueness.
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As one of the ancient musical instruments in our country, Yatoga has different usage methods for Mongolian people.
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Yatoga is a kind of zheng, also known as Mongolian zheng by the Han nationality. It has been widely popular among the people as early as the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. It is especially prosperous in the Qin state, known as the Qin zheng in history, and is one of the ancient musical instruments in my country.
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