Ma Zenghui sings the single string "Pine Moon Around"
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Ma Zenghui is a famous single-string performance artist. She was born in a famous drumming family in Beijing. Her father, Ma Liandeng, and her sister, Ma Zengfen, are both Xihe drum performers. Mr. Ma Liandeng and his second daughter Ma Zengfen worked together to create the "Ma School" Xihe Drum. The Ma family was famous in Beijing and Tianjin for a while, and made a great contribution for the folk art of drum music to enter the hall of elegance.

Involving the artist

Ma Zenghui is the representative inheritor of the fifth batch of national intangible cultural heritage representative projects. Ma Liandeng and his second daughter Ma Zengfen co-founded the "Ma School" Xihe Drum.
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Involving musical instruments

The sanxian has three strings in total, hence the name "Sanxian". Chinese traditional plucked instruments were also introduced to Ryukyu, Japan and other places. He plays the main instrument in operas such as Kunqu Opera, Huaihai Opera, Daxianzi Opera, etc.
The octagonal drum (pinyin: bā jiǎo gǔ) is a kind of slap-membrane musical instrument used by the Manchu people for self-entertainment in ancient times. The drum body is flat and small, and the drum surface is octagonal, representing the Eight Banners of the Qing Dynasty at that time. The drum frame is made of eight pieces of ebony, red sandalwood, mahogany, rosewood and bone pieces; it is said that the leaders of the Eight Banners each offered a piece of the best wood inlay. Two to three small copper cymbals are embedded in each of the seven sides of the frame, and one side is inlaid with studs and drum spikes, implying the abundance of grains. It is a traditional form of folk art that is popular among the people.

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Bai folk instrumental music mainly includes sanxian music, suona wind and percussion music, cave scripture music, etc. In addition, there are also ancient music and tunes played by bamboo flute, mouth spring, wood leaf and so on.
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In Qicheng School of Qingzhou City, Zhao Lianju, the inheritor of the octagonal drum intangible cultural heritage project, is telling and playing the octagonal drum "Wind and Rain Returns the Boat" to the children. During the interaction with the inheritors, the students showed great interest in the octagonal drum and started to experience it. Encourage other students to sing along.
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When the children of the banner members of the Qing Dynasty organized the box office to sing the octagonal drum, they also included some other folk arts and acrobatic forms, which were called "quantang octagonal drum", or octagonal drum for short. Waist festival, horse head tune, demolition singing, cross talk, ancient color tricks, etc. It was extended to the Jiaqing and Daoguang years, and songs such as Danxianer and Xiyun were added.
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The demolition and singing of the octagonal drum was formed in the middle of the Qing Dynasty. Also known as "Brand Song Singing", "Octagonal Drum Band Small Opera", "Brand Opera".
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The main performance skills are "playing,shaking,touching,rubbing, and tapping".
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