National instrument (playing boolean) playing Despacito
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The creation of this song began in 2015. At the beginning of writing "Despacito", Feng Xi wanted to write a "song with interesting melody, Latin style, comfortable to sing and people to dance with". In his opinion Come on, this song needs to be danceable because "Latins are known for having a good life". This video was played by the master of station B up using Boolean. It has been played more than 12,000 times so far. The performance of Boolean is very good, and the playing skills are very decent.

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Tanbull (pinyin: tán bù ěr) is a stringed instrument played by the Uyghur and Uzbeks. The range is wide, the tone is crisp, and it is full of rich national style. Often used for solo, ensemble or accompaniment.

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If you want to understand the culture of a region, the most direct way is to appreciate the music and dance with local characteristics. There are many ethnic musical instruments in Xinjiang. The following introduces the common plucked instruments in Xinjiang.
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Abuduwaili Halik, the cultural leader of Jimsar County, and his "Golden Sun" literary and artistic team hope that more people will like to play Boer, so that the traditional national musical instruments can be passed on.
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Aksu intangible cultural heritage introduction, red canyons, green forests, yellow deserts, blue lakes, golden Populus euphratica, white snow-capped mountains, a variety of colors are intertwined in this magical land.
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Danbull is a Uyghur and Uzbek stringed musical instrument. It has a long history, simple shape, beautiful sound and unique local style, and is often used for solo performances. In Chinese historical books, there are translation names such as "Danbuer", "Danbuer" and "Danbuer".
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The boolean body is made of wood, and the speakers are small and scoop-shaped. The body of the violin is slender, with silk strings wound into more than 16 to 20 grades. There are five steel strings, the inner second string and the outer second string are tuned to the same tone, and the middle string is in a fifth relationship. The sound range is wide, the timbre is crisp and rich in national style. Often used for solo, ensemble or accompaniment, it is one of the main instruments of "Maxhrop" and classical music "Twelve Muqam".
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