Xiopera verse "Double grinding Purple Bamboo Melody"

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Xiopera verse "Double grinding Purple Bamboo Melody" from the album "Chinese Music Map to hear the Guoku Erhu music collection Deng Jiandong"

Two Who Push The Grind. Tune of Zizhu. Two who push the grind. Tune of Zizhu

Erhu: Deng Jiandong

Dulcimer: Zhai Mengfei

"Double Grinding" is a famous tin opera repertoire, the young widow Su Xiaoe has been working hard for a living all year long, and the young tenant farmer He Yidu has been working hard for a year because his employer has defaulted on his debts. Su Xiaoe carry water encounter He Yidu, borrow money to help, where to help Sue carry water grinding. Labor, two people understand each other, then born love, break through the feudal shackles eventually become married. Among them, the "purple bamboo melody" recital reproduces the cheerful scene of two people grinding. The Erhu is graceful and melodious, and the dulcimer is as clear as jade, singing and answering smoothly in the fresh atmosphere, just like two people working happily and singing happily. A person leads ah a person, singing grinding interest is high, a pair of small children two love, lingering euphemism of the affair is growing, charming emotional and interesting. A few short jumping phrases are mixed among them, adding a bit of southern ingenuity and humor, full of local flavor.

Involving the artist

Since its inception in 2003, Ruiming Music has adhered to the creation and ingenuity, and regards "making music with heart" as the brand concept of Ruiming music, striving to bring the audience more quality, taste of cultural aesthetic and artistic value pursuit.
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Involving musical instruments

Yangqin (Pinyin: YangQin) was introduced from Persia at the end of the Ming Dynasty. It was originally used as an accompaniment for folk art and formed a variety of genres. After nearly 400 years of circulation and evolution in my country, dulcimer has traditional Chinese characteristics and national styles in musical instrument production, performance art or music creation, and combined with local folk music, it has formed a number of outstanding A genre with local and musical characteristics.
Erhu (Pinyin: Erhu) originated in the Tang Dynasty, called "Xiqin", and has a history of more than a thousand years. It is a traditional Chinese stringed instrument. Erhu, or Erxian Huqin, also known as "Nanhu" and "Omzi", is one of the main bowed and stringed instruments (wiping strings) in the Chinese national musical instrument family.

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Organized by 一口泡芙 on 2023-06-02
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"The glittering sunlit square is good, and the rain in the sky is also strange..." Accompanied by a dulcimer and string orchestra, the soprano sang Su Shi's masterpiece in Chinese. This is a "Chinese memory" theme concert in Belgium, composed, played and sung by Belgian musicians.
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Organized by 咖喱麦兜 on 2022-12-12
He traveled to Brussels, Luxembourg, Paris and other places for nearly a month... The "Oriental Melody" concert sponsored by the China Association for Cultural Exchange with Foreign Countries has come to an end.
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"Gugak sounds so good." "This is equal love." On the screen, a young couple sat in front of the dulcimer, playing "Blue and white Porcelain" and "Super Mario" and other popular songs with four hands.
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Organized by Fucui on 2022-09-16
On the evening of September 15, the closing ceremony of the 13th China Art Festival was held in Xiong'an New District, Hebei Province, and various awards in the 17th Wenhua Award and the 19th Qunxing Award were presented. Among them, Sichuan Yangqin "Shu Road" selected by Sichuan Province stood out and won the "Stars Award".
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