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"Joke Tan" is a form of folk singing, which has the form of opera. Its performances are often interspersed in the middle of Meihu plays, appearing at the request of the audience. The most prominent feature is that it has strong entertainment, and it is a humorous art that is known for laughing, speaking and performing. "Kongtong Xiaotan" is also called "Xiaotan, Xiaotan", commonly known a...
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Bangzi is used in all kinds of Chinese national bands. It was first used to accompany various Bangzi tunes and got its name. It is often used in strong beats to increase the dramatic atmosphere. Around the 17th century (the late Ming and early Qing dynasties), it became popular with the rise of Bangzi Opera, which can be divided into Hebei Bangzi, Nanbangzi, Zuobang and Qin Bang. Bangzi sometimes ...
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