Black Jade in Xinjiang: The Old Man and Dutar

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In the early morning of early spring, the sun shines on a courtyard full of ethnic customs. An old man is trying to adjust his Dutar. He fiddles with the strings from time to time to emit the unique tones of Uyghur musical instruments. It seems that the old man A wonderful day is about to begin.

Black Jade in Xinjiang: The Old Man and Dutar

Imin Kurban is a folk artist from Moyu County, Xinjiang, and an old party member who is diligent and dedicated. He likes music since childhood and has been playing the capital for nearly 50 years. He is called by the local people. "Old Dutar", his figure also often appears in various lively celebrations, from celebrations organized by the county to small reunions between relatives and friends, his Dutar voice will be heard.

"Imin Kurban is a very warm-hearted person who is always willing to help others. Whenever we have a happy event, he will bring this Tal to help us add to the atmosphere. We all like him, and he is also in everyone's heart. A respected elder," said Patigul Ulam.

Speaking of the old man Imin Kurban, neighbors and friends all gave thumbs up.

A flower alone is not spring, a hundred flowers bloom in spring and the garden is full. Every winter and summer vacation, Imin Kurban will follow the free vacation training activities organized by the county cultural center to join the team of training teachers to train more students, which is what he has always yearned for.

"I have to tune the piano and prepare to teach Dutar to the children. Looking at their expectant eyes, I am very happy. I will teach these children with all my heart, so that they can master a skill and enrich their lives. "Imin Kurban said confidently.

During the training, he devoted himself to teaching. According to the children's different nature and comprehension, he guided them one by one, trying to make the children learn the skills better in a short period of time.

Black Jade in Xinjiang: The Old Man and Dutar

"Teacher Imin Kurban is more like our grandfather. He is very strict and kind. With him, we have learned not only Dutar playing, but also many, many great principles of life." Iliyal Azezi, a student who studied in Dutar before Kurban, spoke from the bottom of his heart.

"I want to let more children learn these ancient skills, and it is also a cultural treasure in our big family of the Chinese nation, which cannot be lost. Although I am old now, I cannot let go of the important matter of cultural inheritance."

Elder Imin Kurban teaches while learning. He has brought nearly 50 students over the years. At present, there are 8 children around him who are studying with him. The oldest is 16 years old and the youngest is 7 years old. Among them, two students were admitted. After attending the Beijing Academy of Arts, the old man always showed a gratified smile whenever he mentioned this.

Time is not old, and the original intention remains unchanged. The old man Yimin Kurban is still dedicating his waste heat to the cause of Muqam in Moyu County, and continues to pass his love to more people around him who need it.

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Dutar (pinyin: dū tǎ ěr) is a traditional stringed instrument loved by the Uyghurs in Xinjiang. The Chinese transliteration is also written as "Dutar, Dutar, Dutar" and so on. Xinjiang's national musical instruments have dual nature, not only can be used as an accompaniment to play music, but also can be displayed as a beautiful and gorgeous handicraft.

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