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du tar Dutar (pinyin: dū tǎ ěr) is a traditional stringed instrument loved by the Uyghurs in Xinjiang. The Chinese transliteration is also written as "Dutar, Dutar, Dutar" and so on. Xinjiang's national musical instruments have dual nature, not only can be used as an accompaniment to play music, but also can be displayed as a beautiful and gorgeous handicraft.

The traditional dutar has a similar structure to that of playing booleans. It looks like a big water scoop with a long handle. It consists of a resonance box, a headstock, a piano rod, a peg, a bridge and strings. When playing, the five fingers of the right hand are used together, and one is missing. No, either plucked or picked, picked or swept, the sound of the piano is small but the timbre is very soft, and the player can express their feelings through the sound of the piano, so Uyghur women especially like to use Dutar. Play and sing.
  • Chinese name:du tar
  • category:Uyghur musical instruments
  • family:stringed musical instrument
  • popular area:Xinjiang

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