From the grassland to the temple, the Matouqin symphony interprets the rich ethnic customs

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After walking through the Mu Us Desert and crossing the Sarausu River, a "I Love You China" symphony concert by the Inner Mongolia Wushen Banner Matouqin Symphony Orchestra recently came to Beijing and was staged at the Central Opera House.

From the grassland to the temple, the Matouqin symphony interprets the rich ethnic customs

The horse head qin, a Mongolian musical instrument belonging to the grassland, plays the leading role in the symphony. What kind of performance effect will it present?

Performers in white Mongolian robes, green silk belts and pointed black riding boots sit in the center of the stage in the brightly-lit performance hall of the Central Opera House. Standing in front of me is tonight's protagonist, Matouqin.

Matouqin has two strings, the head is carved into the shape of a horse's head, the sound box is trapezoidal, the sound is round, low and graceful, from the appearance to the sound quality reflects the characteristics of Mongolian culture.

"There are also many Mongolian characteristic percussion music on the stage, this is the riding boot drum, that is the milk drum, the saddle drum, next to the saddle pole castanet, and Topsuur..." Wudan, vice minister of the Propaganda Department of the Usen Banner, will introduce these special ethnic instruments to reporters.

Outside the stage, as in most symphony orchestras, there are piano, cello, clarinet, oboe and other orchestral instruments.

The concert in the music "horse back wind" opened the curtain, the sound of the horse head qin sounded, is the old bleak, sad and strong, long and unrestrained melody.

"Matouqin is the most typical Mongolian musical instrument, with a strong ethnic customs, how can you think of integrating Matouqin into the symphony?" The reporter put forward his own questions to Jin Tao, head of the Horse head Qin Symphony Orchestra of Ushin Banner.

"As a kind of string, the dock piano can be fully integrated into the symphony, it can replace the position of the violin in the orchestra, and it is relatively low and wide, has a different charm from the violin, and can interpret the same musical work with different temperament." Jin Tao said, "The facts show that the Matouqin can play an important role in the symphony. We will spare no effort to promote the Matouqin symphony and bring the national art to the world!"

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Matouqin (pinyin: mǎ tóu qín) is a two-stringed stringed musical instrument with a trapezoidal body and a handle carved into the shape of a horse's head. A sort of.

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