Ma Touqin Plays "Ten Thousand Horses galloping". The post-90s Inner Mongolia girls stick to the tradition of folk music by giving rewards

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Sun Kuaiguai, a post-90s Mongolian girl, has played horse head fiddle for 20 years. In the past three years, she has appeared in the @ Matouqin Sun Kuaiguai Tiktok studio every afternoon, playing Mongolian, Big Fish, Nuonjiya and other music for netizens, and introducing the national instrument Matouqin to more people in a new form. With the support of netizens in the live broadcast room, Sun Kuaikuai not only gained a decent income, but also planned to spread and inherit the non adherent music of Ma Touqin in a wider range through online courses.

Ma Touqin Plays

Sun Kuaixiang grew up in a family with a strong musical atmosphere. Many relatives and elders in the family are good at musical instruments. At the age of 8, she began to learn to play the horsehead with her father. But it was a concert she saw when she was 12 that really interested her in this instrument. Sun Kuaikai still remembers the song "Ten Thousand Horses galloping forward" played by the horsehead fiddler. In the flowing music, she seemed to see the magnificent scene of horses galloping on the grassland, and for the first time, she had the idea to really learn the horse head fiddle.

After graduation from junior high school, Sun Kuaikai was admitted to Horqin Art Vocational College and devoted himself to the study of horse head fiddle. At school, she was also lucky to get guidance from Qi Baoligao, the representative inheritor of the music of the horse head fiddle, and followed Qi Baoligao to perform a horse head fiddle song on the stage of the school. "When I was holding the piano, the teacher looked at me and said that the little girl would develop in the future." This sentence has further strengthened her confidence in adhering to the professional path of the horse head fiddle.

After graduation, Sun Kuaiguai joined the local dance troupe and became a full-time horsehead player. However, in addition to low income and difficulty in maintaining living expenses, local dance troupes have few opportunities to perform on the formal stage. Even if there is an occasional performance, it is also a reception performance. Others are toasting at the dinner table. It seems that the horse head fiddle is just background music for fun. This was not the stage she wanted. Sun Kuaiguai finally left the dance group.

In 2019, at the suggestion of a friend, Sun Kuaikai decided to open a live broadcast on Tiktok. At first, the audience was not large. However, she found that although many people did not know the horse head zither, they were still very interested in it. "Is this an erhu?" At the beginning of the live broadcast, Sun Kuaikai patiently introduced the history and characteristics of the horse head fiddle, and played one piece after another to let everyone hear the beauty of the instrument. "It seems that I can hear the feeling of ten thousand horses galloping". Some netizens left a message in the live broadcast, just as she felt when she was first touched by the horse head fiddle more than ten years ago.

Ma Touqin Plays

As one of the most representative musical instruments of the Mongolian nationality, the horse head fiddle has a history of thousands of years. In 2003, the traditional music of the horse head fiddle was recognized as the intangible cultural heritage of mankind by UNESCO. But Sun Kuaixiao knew that it was not easy to inherit this ancient musical instrument in modern times. "It seems that out of Inner Mongolia, this musical instrument is really small". In Inner Mongolia, the old generation of performers are old, and the new players cannot play alone. Many excellent traditional music of the horse head fiddle cannot be connected with modern urban life.

With the help of Tiktok live broadcast, Sun Kuaikai hopes to make Ma Touqin "go out of Inner Mongolia" in his own way. She will add rock and roll or electric sound elements in the performance, and also play traditional music such as "Nuonjiya", as well as modern music such as "Big Fish", "Love Song of the West Sea" in the live broadcast. She said, "The classical works of the horse head fiddle need to be remembered and spread to more young and new friends through new forms."

Now, the Tiktok studio has become a new stage for Sun Kuaikuai to spread the horse head zither. Through the combination of national classic music and modern music expression, Sun Kuaikuai has attracted more than 800000 netizens' attention in Tiktok and won more than 2.6 million praises. Tens of thousands of viewers poured into the studio to listen to her playing a horse head fiddle. Sun Caikuai said that she felt that she had done something meaningful when someone knew Ma Touqin because of watching the live broadcast.

After more than three years of live broadcasting in Tiktok, Sun Kuaikuai's income from live rewards has been equivalent to the cost of going out for stage performances. This also gave her the courage to further her career. Now, she has set up her own studio and wants to study the horse head zither more professionally and systematically to promote its spread and development. Recently, she is recording a course of horse head fiddle, and hopes to make the course available as soon as possible to the fans who want to learn in the studio.

Like tens of thousands of national instrument anchors who are active on Tiktok live broadcast, Sun Kuaikai found the second online stage here. She said, "Through this larger platform, you can play the zither to people all over the country and even the world. I want to spread not only the horse head zither, but also the story of the grassland."

Involving musical instruments

Matouqin (pinyin: mǎ tóu qín) is a two-stringed stringed musical instrument with a trapezoidal body and a handle carved into the shape of a horse's head. A sort of.

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