Lao Fan who plays Konghou next door

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Introduction to Lao Fan who plays Konghou next door(konghou)Master actor actress

Heart-warming, happy~ Shenyang Conservatory of Music has a master's degree in Konghou performance. Lao Fan, who plays Konghou next door, is an up-master of Konghou playing at station B. Currently, he has a total of 54,000 fans. , and his representative works include "Left Finger Moon" and "Big Fish".

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Lu Lu, born in 1987, a native of Henan, graduated from the China Conservatory of Music, and is the vice chairman of the Konghou Professional Committee of the Chinese National Orchestra Society.
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Luo Aikonghou is an up master in the music area of station B. He currently has a total of 61,000 fans. His videos are mainly composed of Konghou renditions, spanning traditional Chinese famous songs, animation, and the second dimension.
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Cui Junzhi, the world's chief Konghou player, was originally a national first-class player of the Central Chinese Orchestra. Adjunct professor of China Conservatory of Music, Central Conservatory of Music and Artistic Director of China International Konghou Ensemble.
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Wu Lin, a native of Yingkou City, is a young performer of the Central Chinese Orchestra. Vice President of Konghou Association of Chinese Musicians Association.
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Konghou (pinyin: kōnghóu) Konghou (also known as Konghou or Kanhou) is an ancient Chinese traditional stringed musical instrument, which originated in the Han Dynasty, but fell out of fashion after the 14th century and gradually disappeared.

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Li Ping was a disciple of Liyuan, and he was famous for his skill at playing Konghou. "Once the emperor sees each other once a day, the princes and generals will greet him immediately", and his worth seems to be far higher than that of the famous singer Li Guinian in the prosperous Tang Dynasty.
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The legend of Konghou City not only has its beautiful legends, but also has historical sites full of mystery. Moreover, Konghou musical instruments are still widely used on the big stage of music.
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Konghou has a history of more than 3,000 years in our country. China's "Old Tang Book·Music Records" contains: "Konghou, made by Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, was made by the music person Hou Tiao, and it is called the Taiyi Temple... Its sound is splendid, and it is called Kanghou, the sound is falsely called Konghou".
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Intangible cultural heritage work is first and foremost a perseverance. It is the persistence of the entire Chinese nation to traditional culture, and it is also the persistence of every intangible heritage inheritor to the intangible cultural heritage projects he is engaged in.
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"It is very rare for Konghou to have a new work. The premiere of Konghou's work in a concert that is all folk music concertos can make the audience clearly feel the difference between this instrument and other folk instruments."
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