A female carol by the water side of Dongting reproduces the humanistic customs of the ancient Xiang Chu land

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As an ancient music spread in Hunan, "Changsha Female Quotation" carries profound historical and cultural deposits and unique regional humanistic characteristics. The song takes Changsha women as the theme, through the artistic presentation of the life, emotion and personality characteristics of local women, shows the image and style of the ancient Hunan area, especially the Changsha area.

A female carol by the water side of Dongting reproduces the humanistic customs of the ancient Xiang Chu land

"Changsha Female Lead" originated from ancient Chinese folk music, its melody is soft and poetic, the rhythm is graceful but not clever, just like the water of the Xiangjiang River, or like the willow by the Dongting Lake, vividly depicts the gentle, quiet, industrious and intelligent side of Changsha women. In the music, we can feel the rich local atmosphere and the delicate emotional world of Xiangchu land, which not only reflects the charm of traditional music art, but also conveys the life attitude and values of ancient Huxiang children.

Through the rich and varied musical language, the music tells the life scene of Changsha women in the natural environment and social background, as well as their unique role in the long history. It contains the praise of the hard work of the working people, the affirmation of the spirit of female independence and self-improvement, and the yearning and pursuit of a harmonious and peaceful life.

In general, "Changsha Female Quotations" with its bright local color and profound humanistic connotation, occupies a place in the treasure house of Chinese classical music, it is not only the true portrayal of the ancient Changsha female image, but also a kind of inheritance and development of the unique charm of Hunan culture. Even today, this ancient song can still touch people's hearts, leading listeners to travel through time and space to explore that ancient cultural memory.

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