Community orchestra played "Doraemon" national instruments to interpret a different childhood

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Dulcimer ding dong, zither melodious, pipa crisp, Erhu graceful, dizi ethereal... What will be the "chemical reaction" when these folk instruments meet the "robot cat"? Recently, the Sujin second Community activity room of Sujin Street, Gusu District, the community folk orchestra performed the folk music version of "Doraemon" for the children during the summer vacation, so that the children can feel the charm of national instruments.

Community orchestra played

Yesterday afternoon, Sujin Street Sujin second community activity room, the community orchestra played the 86 version of "Journey to the West" in the "Tiangong Dance", these national instruments sing in unison, leisurely, as if people came to the smoke shrouded "peach gala". However, the tune of "Tiangong Dance" ends - "HMM! Yup! Yup! Tink has given me all my wishes..." Traditional folk music played the theme song of "Doraemon", which is popular among children. The children of Su Jiner community were very excited and sang along with the melody.

During the summer vacation, the famous folk music organization "Su Jin Second Community Instrumental Group" in Gusu District once again arranged new songs like "Doraemon" and "The King called me to tour the mountains" for children to play, "using national instruments to play different tunes, so that more people like folk music." Su Jin second community instrumental group leader Wei Songlin said.

Wei Songlin, 76 years old, was a professional troupe actor before retirement. When he was young, he worked in Taicang Shanghai Opera Company and Yu Opera Company. He is also good at various folk Musical Instruments. "At that time, there were many aunts singing in the community, so I played the accordion accompaniment for everyone, and then some people came to play the flute and play the erhu, and then the three of us simply formed a group!" Wei Songlin told reporters that after retirement, he often played, played and sang in the community, and found a lot of like-minded neighbors, so he formed the current "Su Jiner Community Instrumental Group" 14 years ago.

With the establishment of the orchestra, the three-person group often practiced in the community, so that Wei Lao did not expect that their own community "hidden" many folk music lovers, Wei Songlin said: "These old neighbors are hiding real skills, we did not know, after the establishment of the orchestra, they signed up one by one, we found that the community master like a cloud."

In the past 14 years, the "Su Jin Second Community Instrumental Music Group" has absorbed more and more neighbors to join, including those who play erhu, pipa, xiao... The orchestra now has more than a dozen members. This group of elderly people, with an average age of nearly seventy years old, are active throughout Gusu District and have won awards again and again. Before that, the orchestra rehearsed the network magic song "Grain in Ear", is popular on the Internet, the old people with national instruments to play "When I think of you, I will woo ~ woo ~ woo..." It makes young people like folk instruments. And this time, their new folk music version of "Doraemon" is even more refreshing. The reporter saw in the community room that the orchestra was seated in a row, and the leader Wei Songlin stroked the pipa with his hand, and the rhythm was full of melody. His wife Wang Ruiying is accompanied by dulcimer accompaniment, knock knock knock between the crisp inlaid into the tune of the pipa; And Dai Peiqiu's transverse flute has another flavor, connecting the notes of the pipa and the dulcimer... Pipa, erhu, dulcimer, transverse flute, wooden fish, violin singing, they seem to have become omnipotent "robotic cat", in the strings, in the wind, the bamboo dragonfly and time tunnel, so that the children present excitedly red face, keep applauding!

"Doraemon" finished playing, and it was a song by the children's favorite "King called me to tour the mountains", from the peach pageant, to the time tunnel, and then to the "monster jungle" - the children in these folk music blowing and playing, as if by magic - a moment is Sun Wukong, a moment is the robot cat, a moment and turn into a leblin, "the king called me to tour the mountains, I turn the world around..."

Talking about why we want to use folk music to try "Robot Cat", Wei Songlin said with a smile: "We have always played traditional music such as Jiangnan silk and bamboo, but now we also want to play the music that young people like, we these old guys get together, just to play, old people have music!" And it's summer vacation, so let the kids have fun together!"

In Su Jiner community, social workers posted the folk music version of "Doraemon" online, inviting children to participate in the community and inviting netizens to share comments. This has made Wei Songlin and their orchestra popular again, "netizens said that with the support of national instruments, it seems that Doraemon has become a fairy bone, as if it has become a multi-treasure Taoist." Liu Peitian, secretary of the Party Committee of Su Jiner Community, said, "Parents are even more happy and have sent their children to the community to feel the charm of ethnic instruments together!"

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