Nishang Yuyi Song: The reproduction of the Tang court music treasure and the artistic peak

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Nishang Yuyi Song, known as the peak of ancient Chinese dance music, is the treasure of Tang Dynasty music and dance culture, representing the high integration of music, dance and poetry art at that time. This song originated from the prosperous era of Kaiyuan in the Tang Dynasty, it is said that the Tang Xuanzong Li Longji personally created or participated in the adaptation, inspired by Taoist mythology and the imagination of fairyland Yaochi banquet music, its wonderful melody and dancing together to build a false and real interwoven, heaven and man of gorgeous picture.

Nishang Yuyi Song: The reproduction of the Tang court music treasure and the artistic peak

Nishang Yuyi Song is divided into "scattered sequence", "middle sequence" and "broken" structural forms, which fully demonstrates the unique structure of large-scale song and dance songs in the Tang Dynasty. In music, it absorbs the elements of the western regions and the surrounding ethnic music, while retaining the beauty of the Central Plains traditional rhyme, the melody is beautiful and full of changes, both solemn and elegant royal style, but also contains a strong romantic color. And its dance part, with light movements like feathers, like a fairy graceful posture, to show the "feather" this extraordinary image.

Historically, "Nishang Yuyi Song" was the final program of court music and dance in the Tang Dynasty, which witnessed the glory and prosperity of the Tang Dynasty in its heyday. Although the original score could not be handed down completely due to the changes of dynasties in later generations, we can still get a glimpse of the artistic charm of this work and its important position in the history of Chinese music through the records of poets and artists' restoration studies.

Today, Nishang Yuyi Song is not only inherited and carried forward as a symbol of excellent traditional Chinese culture, but also displays new vitality on the contemporary cultural and artistic stage. Many scholars and artists have tried to re-arrange and interpret this ancient song of a thousand years ago according to historical documents, so that it can travel through time and space and reproduce its unparalleled artistic light in the new era.

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