Pipa Rotation International Chinese Music Cup Chen Yanyan won the gold medal

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The 2022 International Chinese Music Cup Chinese National Instrumental Music Competition China Finals recently came to a close in Chengdu, Sichuan. Accompanied by his mother, Chen Yanyan from Hangzhou, Zhejiang went to Chengdu to participate in this competition in the form of a live performance, and won the gold medal.

Pipa Rotation International Chinese Music Cup Chen Yanyan won the gold medal

As an authentic Hangzhou girl, Chen Yanyan has been learning Pipa since she was 5 years old. Under the strict supervision of her grandmother and the training of professional teachers, it is now her 7th year. The song she participated in this competition is "House of Flying Daggers". For music lovers who know Pipa or Chinese music, "House of Flying Daggers" is not a simple piece, especially for a 6th grader. But in Chen Yanyan's eyes, it's nothing, uninterrupted 2 hours of piano practice every day, day after day persistence and precipitation really make her appear more perseverance and advantage than children of the same age. I learned from my mother that Chen Yanyan has passed the pipa level 10 exam, and has clearly taken the path of music. Not long ago, he was admitted to the high school attached to the Zhejiang Provincial Art School (junior high school) and became 18 lucky candidates out of nearly 2,000 applicants across the country. one of the children. In order to make Chen Yanyan's musical path wider and wider, in addition to the 2-hour pipa practice, Chen Yanyan has officially started to learn the piano since last year. In addition, weekly music theory and ear training are compulsory courses that she cannot avoid.

Seeing this, we are also curious if Chen Yanyan's parents are in the music industry? Surprisingly, both of his parents are top art students who graduated from the China Academy of Art. His mother is a technical expert specializing in the field of ceramics, and his father is engaged in art curatorial, event planning and other related fields. In such an artistic family atmosphere, Chen Yanyan took a different approach and embarked on an unexpected road to music, which really confirmed the saying: "Art is the same, and everything is universal."

Finally, Chen Yanyan would like to thank her instructor Wang Tao and music theory teacher Shi Lan. It is their strict requirements and careful guidance that can achieve the current results. I also want to thank my parents and grandma for their upbringing, so that I can have strong confidence and look forward to the future. We also wish Chen Yanyan a dazzling future!

The purpose of the International Chinese Music Cup is to promote elegant music art and culture; to inherit the essence of Chinese music culture; to unite Chinese music workers and fans around the world, to gather global Chinese music talents, to promote the international integration and development of Chinese folk music, and to inherit and carry forward the Chinese tradition. Excellent culture. The competition invites famous Chinese music masters from all over the world and instrumental music enthusiasts at home and abroad to join in, brainstorming and participating in the grand Chinese music event. The art and charm! It has become an authoritative, objective, fair and inclusive international music brand competition. The International Chinese Music Cup Chinese National Instrumental Music Competition hopes to use music as a medium to create unlimited possibilities for music, from empowering music dreams to inheriting national civilization. In the new era, we must work with all walks of life to carry forward and inherit the excellent traditional Chinese culture, strengthen cultural confidence, let Chinese instrumental music make a beautiful Chinese voice, and let the world feel and understand China!

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Pipa (pinyin: pí pa), the first plucked instrument, is a traditional plucked instrument in East Asia, a plucked stringed musical instrument. Made of wood or bamboo, the speaker is half-pear-shaped and has four strings on the top. It was originally made of silk thread, but now it is mostly made of steel wire, steel rope and nylon.

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