Chinese music school National Orchestra special concert in the "Autumn of Chengdu" played

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On the evening of December 14, the 28th "Autumn of Chengdu" Chengdu International Music Season -- the special concert of Chinese Music School Chinese Orchestra arrived as scheduled.

Chinese music school National Orchestra special concert in the

Professor Xu Zhijun, Director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Music of China Conservatory of Music, head and chief conductor of the Chinese Orchestra of Chinese Music School, Professor Zhang Weiliang, dizi player of China Conservatory of Music, Professor Song Fei, Erhu player and Special Professor of China Conservatory of Music, Tenor Shi Yijie, Professor Wang Zhongshan, deputy director of the Chinese Conservatory of Music, guzheng player (in the order of appearance) and the Chinese music school Chinese Orchestra jointly staged the "Festival Overture", "Flower tears", "Heroine", "cold hands", "Jiang Jiang Red (Lin 'an)", "Ga Daming" and other six works, to the music fans friends brought a rich diversity of audio-visual feelings.

Although the performance moved from offline to "cloud", it still presented a high-level and high-quality Guyue concert.

The evening's concert kicked off with a Festival Overture by Professor Shi Wanchun, composer of the China Conservatory of Music. This piece is based on the folk Suona ququ "Panning for Gold" as the material. It is a guyue version arranged by Luo Maisho, a young teacher at the China Conservatory of Music, bringing different musical language features.

The meaning of the flute Concerto Flower Weep is based on a Dream of Red Mansions. Zhang Weiliang perfectly combines the poignant artistic conception of "Daiyu burying the flower" with the skillful technique of music performance. The whole piece is divided into four parts: introduction, adagio, allegro and epilogue. Zhang Weiliang interprets "Tears between flowers" with "flute alto", making the audience truly feel the charm of the combination of the beauty of literature and music.

The Erhu is a string instrument with the most Chinese temperament and charm. The two simple strings block the mountains and rivers between the bends of the bow, and burst into a thousand purple purples.

Seinfeld brought the erhu concerto, Women. The musical language of the work is rich, which not only describes the scene of rushing together and powerful, like the rushing of thousands of horses, but also the emotional telling full of tears and memories. Seinfeld displayed superb skills in the performance, vividly deduce the woman's gentleness and gentleness and the battlefield women do not let the heroic spirit.

"Cold Little Hands" is selected from the opera "Bohemian". Shi Yijie's performance in this work is sincere and dramatic, and the singing skill and musicality are fully and naturally integrated, showing the hero's love for his sweetheart.

The selection of this western opera is accompanied by the Chinese orchestra, which brings the audience a fresh feeling generated by the collision of Chinese and Western musical styles.

Wang Zhongshan played "Man Jianghong (Lin 'an Legacy)". This guzheng concerto, composed by composer He Zhanhao, is based on the traditional music "All Rivers Red". Wang Zhongshan tells the story of "serving the country with loyalty and loyalty" with the guzheng in his hand. The audience marveled at his delicate and subtle timbre treatment, but was more infected by his performance, intoxicated.

The last piece of the concert, the symphonic poem "Galdamelin" by composer Xin Huguang, became a masterpiece and was later adapted by composer Liu Wenjin. The melody of the work comes from the Mongolian lyric folk song passed down from generation to generation, praising the heroic figure "Gdamelin". Xu Zhijun's precise control of the content of the work and the players' perfect interpretation have brought the musical expression of the band into full play.

The concert played the classic movement of Chinese traditional music in the capital of Tianfu, adding a strong and colorful touch to the Chengdu International Music Season of "Autumn of Chengdu".

Involving the artist

Zhang Weiliang, born in Suzhou, Jiangsu in 1957, is a flute and xiao player.
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Wang Zhongshan is a professor at the China Conservatory of Music, a tutor for doctoral students, and the deputy director of the Department of Chinese Music. Director of the Chinese Musicians Association, President of the Guzheng Society of the Chinese Musicians Association, Deputy Director of the Social Music Committee of the Chinese Music Association, Executive Chairman of the Guzheng Professional Committee of the Chinese National Orchestra Society.
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Song Fei, known as the "Queen of Chinese Erhu", was born in Tianjin in 1969. As a top musician who has attracted much attention from the Chinese and foreign music and recording circles, he has become a top performer in Chinese bowstring art due to his artistic status and influence. , and is considered to be a leader in the field of Chinese national instrumental music performing arts.
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