Evenly matched "fairy love"! Four-handed play was praised by netizens as "Qin Se and Ming"

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Recently, the "Dulcimer cp" composed of Ye Yuzhao and Zhou Tingting, a couple of graduates majoring in Yangqin from the Central Conservatory of Music, has become popular on the Internet. The video of their performance has attracted millions of people to watch, and netizens have praised: it is a "fairy love" that is evenly matched!

A reporter from the Yangtze Evening News Ziniu News learned that Zhou Tingting and Ye Yuzhao began to publish a video of "four-handed playing" dulcimer on the Internet in June this year. They gained more than 20,000 fans in just two months, and were often urged by netizens to update. This makes them believe that there are many fans of the dulcimer, a niche musical instrument. In an interview with the Yangtze Evening News Ziniu News, they said that they are still exploring how to play the more professional dulcimer more down-to-earth and gain more "friends".

From brothers and sisters in the same door to young lovers, music makes them know and love each other

You can see the works released by "Yangqin CP" on Douyin. They registered an account in June this year. Although they only released 12 videos in two months, they received 191,000 likes and more than 3 million views. In addition to daily rehearsal and music teaching, the video content of "Dulcimer CP" also incorporates their own original compositions and some well-known popular music, such as "Super Mary", "Blue and White Porcelain" and "Special People". . . . . . In the video, the two of them are sitting side by side in front of a dulcimer, holding the bamboo in both hands, and tapping the surface of the piano with the bamboo in a tacit understanding, and then the beautiful melody flows. The tone of the dulcimer is crisp and pleasant, with a combination of hardness and softness, like a ding dong mountain spring, like gurgling water. The two played together with four hands, and when they became emotional, they looked at each other and smiled knowingly. When the song ended, the lingering sound lingered. Netizens commented, "I'm not finished yet", "Pleasant to the ears and eyes", "It's an evenly matched fairy love", "This is the 'Qinse and Ming'". Because the works are loved by everyone, "Yangqin CP" is always urged by netizens to "update quickly".

Evenly matched

Ye Yuzhao and Zhou Tingting are very sweet in life

Yangzi Evening News Ziniu News reporter learned that this pair of "Yangqin CPs" are both born in 1995. The boy Ye Yuzhao is 26 years old this year and was born in Hong Kong, China. He Kangwei's guidance. He started studying at the age of 9 and was admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music in 2015, where he studied for 7 consecutive years. After graduating this year, he joined the Chinese Chamber Orchestra of the Central Conservatory of Music. He said that he really loves dulcimer. "The main thing that attracts me is its unique way of playing, and it has the characteristics of percussion." He feels that no matter what instrument he learns, only perseverance can be rewarded, and the motivation for perseverance is not only a lot of practice In addition to opportunities, there is continuous progress in stages.

Compared with Ye Yuzhao's love for dulcimer, Zhou Tingting feels that she can achieve today's achievements mainly because of her mother's persistence. "When I was a child, my family owned a tea house, and there was a couple performing dulcimer and erhu ensemble in it. My mother thought it was good to learn music, so she asked me to learn dulcimer and my younger brother to learn erhu." Zhou Tingting said that she was only 4 years old at the time, and every day was like this. Forced to learn by her mother, she was admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music majoring in dulcimer from Shenzhen Art School. Last year, 27-year-old Zhou Tingting joined the Central Chinese Orchestra after graduation. She feels that dulcimer has now become a part of life. When it comes to learning a musical instrument as a child or teenager, she thinks parental perseverance may be more important.

Ye Yuzhao and Zhou Tingting are both under the tutelage of Dr. Liu Yuening, a professor of the Folk Music Department of the Central Conservatory of Music, a famous dulcimer performer and educator. Because of participating in the performance together, the two had more opportunities to communicate, gradually became familiar with each other, and naturally came together.

Evenly matched

"Dulcimer CP" brings you an auditory feast

Only 5 people watched the first live broadcast, and fans soared after changing the way

In recent years, due to the epidemic, offline performances have been reduced, and by chance, they decided to form a "Dulcimer cp" to release short videos of dulcimer performances on online platforms to better spread dulcimer culture.

At the beginning, Ye Yuzhao and Zhou Tingting were not very comfortable with moving dulcimer performance from offline to online. "We used to perform in the concert hall, which is more ritualistic. After going online, we need to constantly explore how to arrange the repertoire and how to interact with the audience." Ye Yuzhao said with a smile, the first live broadcast was due to inexperience, and the preparation was Only 5 people watched the teaching content of dulcimer at that time.

In order to attract more audiences, they continue to try new performance content and forms, "change the relatively boring teaching video to performance. The performance content includes traditional dulcimer grade test pieces, as well as everyone's favorite "Blue and White Porcelain" and "Special People" ” and other popular songs.” Ye Yuzhao told reporters that a live broadcast in early July gained more than 3,000 followers, which gave them a lot of confidence. After that, they tried to keep traditional folk music with the times, and gradually the number of followers increased to 20,000.

Evenly matched

Two people participating in offline performances (right)

Zhou Tingting feels that the non-mainstream playing method of "four-handed playing" is also one of the reasons for quickly getting out of the circle. "The live broadcast screen of the mobile phone is so big. The four-handed play not only solves the space problem, but also brings out our tacit advantages, making it more attractive." Many fans specially went to their live broadcast room to listen to the performance, as well as parents and beginners. Scholars consult dulcimer learning. This makes them believe that there are many fans of the dulcimer, a niche musical instrument. Zhou Tingting told reporters that they are considering putting Yangqin teaching videos on the shelves.

The tacit understanding continues to improve, I hope the dulcimer sound will get more likes

Yangqin is still a niche musical instrument at present, and even some netizens leave a message for the first time. Ye Yuzhao said: "It's true, the dulcimer is a foreign musical instrument that has flowed into China from Persia since the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. After many years of spread and evolution, the dulcimer has become one of my country's traditional national musical instruments, and has formed its own characteristics and skills, such as Our country's dulcimer stringing tool is bamboo, because bamboo is elastic, while foreign dulcimers use wooden hammers."

The reporter learned that the dulcimer is an indispensable accompaniment in performances such as Shandong Qinshu, Xuzhou Qinshu, Anhui Qinshu and other local operas such as Cantonese Opera, Teochew Opera and Han Opera. The dulcimer is extremely expressive and can be played solo, in ensemble or as an accompaniment to qinshu, rap and opera, and is an indispensable main instrument in folk instrumental ensembles and national bands.

As a niche musical instrument, how do you find a balance between professionalism and grounding? Ye Yuzhao said frankly: "As academics, we must maintain the standard of performance and consider the audience's acceptance. It is still relatively difficult to find this balance, and it is still being explored."

Evenly matched

Ye Yuzhao and Zhou Tingting also have a tacit understanding in life

Ye Yuzhao and Zhou Tingting cooperated tacitly when they played the dulcimer, and were praised by netizens as "the piano and the melody". In this regard, they all believe that playing the piano together for a long time will indeed enhance the tacit understanding in life. "Sometimes one look and one action can understand each other, and there is no need for too much verbal communication at all."

They said that they will continue to do live broadcasts and short videos of dulcimer performances in the future, keep pace with the times, and shorten the distance between classical and elegant art and the general public, hoping to make the melodious dulcimer sound more "friends" .

Involving musical instruments

Yangqin (Pinyin: YangQin) was introduced from Persia at the end of the Ming Dynasty. It was originally used as an accompaniment for folk art and formed a variety of genres. After nearly 400 years of circulation and evolution in my country, dulcimer has traditional Chinese characteristics and national styles in musical instrument production, performance art or music creation, and combined with local folk music, it has formed a number of outstanding A genre with local and musical characteristics.

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