Diyinsheng overview


Bass Sheng (Pinyin: dī yīn shēng), a kind of Sheng, the most commonly used traditional Sheng is 17 reeds. After the liberation, new varieties such as amplifying sheng, plus key sheng, turntable sheng, low-pitched sheng and row sheng were successfully trial-produced, with a variety of reeds.

In the daily performance of Chinese music works, you will find that many of them require the use of bass sheng and bass suona. Nowadays, the preparation of general large-scale professional orchestras are equipped with these two treasures, which makes the bass part of the orchestra unrivaled. less, but also meet the needs of these works.

  • type:blow hole reed instrument
  • high:58cm~105cm
  • Pinyin:dī yīn shēng

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