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Introduction to Jirigala matouqin(matouqin)Master actor actress

Jiri Gala Matouqin is a high-quality up master of station B. Currently, there are 6590 fans. His videos mainly focus on playing Matouqin and spreading the culture of Matouqin.

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He Xige, male, born on January 17, 1976 in Ar Horqin Banner, Zhaowuda League (today's Chifeng), Inner Mongolia, Mongols, is a famous Morin khuur performer.
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The "Morin Khuur Chamber Band", led by Qingle, the chief Morin Khuur player of Inner Mongolia Ethnic Song and Dance Theater, plays the album "Music Code: Morin Khuur", which leads the listeners to walk into the grassland, feel the sky and clouds, sheep and herders in the melodramatic music.
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Qi Baoligao, male, born on February 2, 1944 in Horqin Grassland, Inner Mongolia, Mongolian nationality, representative inheritor of Mongolian matouqin music in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage projects, vice president of Inner Mongolia National Song and Dance Theatre, national A first-class actor.
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HuurMusic is an up-master in the music area of station B. There are currently 5711 fans. His videos mainly focus on matouqin renditions and teaching courses, spanning traditional Chinese famous songs, popular songs, and two-dimensional elements.
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Matouqin (pinyin: mǎ tóu qín) is a two-stringed stringed musical instrument with a trapezoidal body and a handle carved into the shape of a horse's head. A sort of.

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日记里的汤姆 - 21 views
华夫饼 - 19 views

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Organized by 湛鹰 on 2023-08-07
After walking through the Mu Us Desert and crossing the Sarausu River, a "I Love You China" symphony concert by the Inner Mongolia Wushen Banner Matouqin Symphony Orchestra recently came to Beijing and was staged at the Central Opera House.
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Organized by 关谷奇迹 on 2023-07-07
On July 2, sponsored by the National Radio and Television Administration and hosted by the China Radio Art Troupe, the large-scale theme concert "People are the River and Mountains" - Singing in the New Era was staged at the National Center for the Performing Arts.
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Organized by 碍与暧 on 2022-10-26
Sun Kuaiguai, a post-90s Mongolian girl, has played horse head fiddle for 20 years. In the past three years, she has appeared in the @ Matouqin Sun Kuaiguai Tiktok studio every afternoon, playing Mongolian, Big Fish, Nuonjiya and other music for netizens, and introducing the national instrument Matouqin to more people in a new form.
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Organized by 一口泡芙 on 2022-10-13
Recently, the sixth "Colorful Central South" Ethnic Culture Exchange Festival was held in Wuhan Central South University for Nationalities. Ethnic dance performances, ethnic instrumental performances, ethnic music performances, ethnic drama performances and other cultural and artistic performances were colorful. The shocking ethnic art performances attracted continuous cheers and applause from the audience.
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Organized by 关谷奇迹 on 2022-09-15
"I used to go back to my hometown to start a business, and I want to make every matouqin. Now I want to make children in my hometown interested in traditional culture through matouqin and pass on this skill."
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